22 October 2011


At my fathers place now, for a long overdue visit!

When looking for a secod hand hairdryer, I instead found some brooches and a pretty little bag with the Eiffel tower!

13 October 2011

Out and about

Been traveling a bit lately, the first step being Uppsala. A dear friend turned twenty!

I don't really know when I'll go back north, tho..

Picture time !
New fancy dress(you know a dress is fancy when even the motif is dressed up), cake, pretending to be a teenager for a while, and norrkoping.

03 October 2011

Got the books I ordered last week! George Orwell's Animal Farm, and Etgar Keret's Kneller's Happy Campers! 
Animal Farm is one of those books that's always taken at the library, and everytime I see it in a bookstore I'm always short on money. Kneller's I ordered because I love the movie based of it(Wristcutters, a love story), so I'm excited to read the novel! 

Going down to Uppsala later this week to celebrate my best friends 20th birthday! I'm really excited to properly see her again, and well, to get out of this village, haha.

02 October 2011

Finally Dorothy shoes!

Like most kids I always wanted those amazing shoes of Dorothy(The Wizard of Oz).
Everytime I found something red and glittery they've either been stripperheels(which felt a bit off) or kiddie shoes in sizes way tiny. But today I visited a fleamarket, and I found some red glittery ballerinas for just 5 SEK! Completly new, and allthough not exactly like the movie shoes, good enough for days when I just wanna tap my heels togheter.

Got a pretty jewelry box that matches, too!