28 February 2011

ISI Festa

Today, instead of ordinary school, we had the school's annual Speech Contest.
And this year, opposed to previous years, they had done it into a super long "festa".
6 hours!! Lots of speeches, and after that the new thing, performances!
Students got to perform with their different talents, so there were some chinese dancing, chinese koto, nepalese dancing, guitarplaying, aido, kpop dance routine (to Girls Generation) and.. a... techno/trance.. dj....yeah.. I don't even..
And they had also booked an actual band, called AUN who plays classic japanese instruments, check them out~

I admit it, I was sleeping through most of it..

One of the chinese dancers

Shamisen overload!

Atleast, we have tomorrow off!

27 February 2011


Recently a heatwave have come to Tokyo and it's been very springish weather~
So last Friday me and my friends Malin and Ylva hung out by the river that passes our schools~
You gotta appreciate the hangplaces!

First time I tried Tokyo Banana goods! When I got to school one of the chinese guys called my name and threw this at me. Thankz!
It's quite common, atleast in my class, that people bring candy and such to give to the classmates. On Valentines one of the girls had brought a really upscale box of pralines that we all shared, and once I even got some strange chinese meat!

Cousin It came by for a while, also.

14 February 2011

Happy Valentines!

Demon Bunny, coming to get ya heart!

In my twenties

This I remember.

So, last Saturday I turned 20!
Crazy how fast time goes, this is my second birthday in Japan.

I celebrated it in Takadanobaba at the best Izakaya in the world, hahaha, with some of the best people in the world!

I unfortunatly went a bit too "all-in" with the celebration leading to bruised legs and no memories, but I have pictures! I have no idea what I said, what I did or anything, but I have a feeling I said "Another beer!" quite a few times.

But hey, how else to spend your birthday?(than in the presence of your friends, I mean. Of course. heh.)

This I don't remember.

Atleast it seems like I had a great time!

11 February 2011

Nails and Lashes

Nails, Paris Kids 315yen. I really recommend Paris Kid's nails actually.
They are extremly cheap, and that's always a plus! Also, These are short, wich is good since I kinda have a hard time having the super long ones that are sold at Donki. You can buy short nails there too, but they usually go for about 2000yen.

Falsies, Daiso, 100yen / piece.
No.11 are my standard ones, that I always use. The two in the foreground are for layering.
I've never tried layering with half lashes before, so I decided to throw a pair in to see how it turns out~

Also, is anyone interested in pictures from the instore Liz Lisa Spring catalog?
Picked it up yesterday and gwahhaasdasd. You know Chambre A Coucher , their interior line? They've released plushies... In the shape of a super cute sheep! I love love love sheeps, and I want it so badly.

10 February 2011


Wups, sorry, lots of stuff going on!
Or not really, I'm just super lazy.

However, I did go to Harajuku today to try to get hold of some Big Bang t-shirts for my friend Zara (Uniqlo is having a collab with Big Bang right now). They had sold out soo fast, but I managed to score one of them!

Got some false nails too, and lashes. Too.. Lazy.. to take.. picture.
Wanted to buy so much things, but a major self confidence crash occured about the same time I entered the first store, haha. You know how it is.
One moment your faab and the next moment all you can think about is how flappy you are.

Been going on power walks for the last two days, also! I'm gonna get fit!

04 February 2011

But why?

Just bought the latest Popteen (there was a Liz Lisa special, old love never rusts haha)

And now I wonder why noone ever mentions Marimo?
Shes freaking gorgeous!
But why isnt she in PopSister?

02 February 2011

Holy crap

Went over to Shinjuku today, to Video Market.
It seems like THE place to go to if you want live bootlegs of western bands, porn, and *drumroll* horror & Sci-fi.
My roomie is a horror junkie, I'ma Sci-Fi junkie, so alas.

Holy Freaking CRAP.

Jumped back and almost got a heart attack when getting off the elevator, and was greeted by a 2m tall freaking Alien! Scared the jeebus out of me.
The picture doesn't do it justice though, it's freaking scary.
(Kinda like the time in Ebisu when I saw Darth Vader standing in a window)

Unfortunatly the store had a meek selection of Sci-Fi, and they were kinda expensive since they were imported. I'll probably go back sometime though.
They had both "Let the right one in" and the remake "Let Me In" though, that was nice to see!
I don't at all see the reason of the obsession of america making remakes of foreign movies though, is it really that hard to read subtitles?

01 February 2011

Feels like spring!

I'm having a major energy boost lately!
And.. that's that about that!

Anyway, outfit!

Sweater: JSG
Skirt: Honeys
Overknees: Randomz
Shoes: Randa