28 February 2011

ISI Festa

Today, instead of ordinary school, we had the school's annual Speech Contest.
And this year, opposed to previous years, they had done it into a super long "festa".
6 hours!! Lots of speeches, and after that the new thing, performances!
Students got to perform with their different talents, so there were some chinese dancing, chinese koto, nepalese dancing, guitarplaying, aido, kpop dance routine (to Girls Generation) and.. a... techno/trance.. dj....yeah.. I don't even..
And they had also booked an actual band, called AUN who plays classic japanese instruments, check them out~

I admit it, I was sleeping through most of it..

One of the chinese dancers

Shamisen overload!

Atleast, we have tomorrow off!

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  1. awesomely hot guy... *_- graaaaaaaor. oh and yes. day offffff