29 May 2011

Oh, you wonderful longnecked creatures

Browsing around some internetshops today I found what can only be described as the most awesome earrings ever.
Lo and behold, the giraffe studs!

Gina Tricot 79SEK 

By pure chance my mother was planning to do an order from there today, so she ordered these for me! Finally I can have some nice giraffe jewelry! I love giraffes, but giraffe themed jewelry has a tendency to be a bit over the top, so this is my first get in that department.
(Random and uninteresting fact: one of my first usernames online was Giraffeno.1)

28 May 2011

Cravings from the motherland

It's raining, the kind of super wet rain that soaks you from just looking at it, and a typhoon is seemingly on it's way. Because of that I don't really have anything to do but think about...

Some things all swedes, when moving abroad, misses the most is probably Marabou Chocolate, crisp bread and pick & mix candy. I miss all of them, alot. However, both chocolate and crisp bread is available at IKEA, and it's rather easy for family/friends to send.
What I really really miss is the candy. Even though I sometime get some sent to me, it's just not the same, you know? It's the whole feeling about it, mixing your own bag, to fit just the kind of candy cravings you have right then. And it's cheap, too. Last time I checked it's about 1000yen for a KILO of candy.

However, I have indeed encountered pick & mix candy here in Japan though. But, well, not the same really. You can choose from a whopping 5 different candies(!), all hard candies, and you can put them into a tiny teeny little bag, and then it costs 160yen.

Well, better than nothing I guess.

A pretty standard swedish pick&mix candy aisle.
(taken from google)

Japanese pick&mix. (it's about 10cmx5cm)

24 May 2011

Outfit and .. nothing more I guess

Lazy day today. allthough me and my roomie walked to Ikebukuro where he finally bought his own computer. Until now we've shared mine, but now we have one each, finally! Allthough at the moment we have to take turns with the internet cable, haha.

Anyway, outfit picture!

Walking home I thought the sunset looked real pretty, so. Look for yourselves!

21 May 2011

Alpaca Family Photo

Seeing how they just released a new series of alpacas(neon colors!), my alpaca love has been booming the last few days!

Tried to take a family photo of them, but as always when trying to take one of those, some just wont cooperate, so there's a couple of them missing.

The big one is extra special, his name is Charles and I got him in Fukuoka, kinda troublesome carrying him with me back to Tokyo..

20 May 2011

Budget shopping, be still my heart!

Walked to Ikebukuro today with a friend, for some more suit-searching, and a drink. However we decided to jump into G.U, wich is a new store that just opened, it's a part of uniqlo(I think), but even cheaper. Crazy prices! So I didn't find a suit, but I decided to reward myself for being quite good with all the CV sending and stuff, so I bought some new things~

The skirt is too awesome! And at 990yen I couldn't walk away without it, the shoes were 690yen(!!), also bought a t-shirt and a cardigan for equally ridiculous prices, but they're really plain haha.

18 May 2011

Kyokutou Girl Friend and Sayonara Party

So last saturday me and my roomie went to see the band Kyokutou Girl Friend at Holiday Shinjuku. Since they are disbanding rather soon they have a weekly live thing, and we went to volume 2. Other bands playing where,  トーマス(thomas), ヴィデオグラマァ(video glamour), LIPCHLICH, ドクターマルモット(Doctor Marmot), F’Ar÷EAST†KANφJO(Kyokutou Girl Friend alterego band), コドモドラゴン(Kodomo Dragon). First band was the KGF alterego band, wich was rather entertaining since they came up in early Visual Kei type of costumes (orange wigs, too much black makeup etc) and did some covers of that kind of bands.
Since it was Kyokutou Girl Friends event, the rest of the time was waiting. 6 hours of waiting to be exact. I had great hopes for both Doctor Marmot and Video Glamour but none of them were as I expected, so I was kinda disappointed.
When finally Kyokutou came up on stage all I could think was "I'll be going home soon!!", but disregarding that it was fun seeing them again, seeing how it was a bit over 2 years since I last saw them.

Kyokutou Girl Friend "Doku" Mask (Doku means poison).
Oh how we hassled the staff woman, seeing how Martin wanted to buy fifty-eleven copies of everything they sold, haha.

After the concert, when I thought I was going home, we instead ended up going to an acquaintances Sayonara party, she's going back to Korea. It was fun and cozy as it always is(they usually have homeparties in her guesthouse). Me and my roomie decided to walk home instead of taking the train, and somehow the less than an hour long walk ended after 7 hours, walking all around the northwest part of Tokyo.

I know everyone has probably seen this already but I think it's funny!

So that was a lengthy post about nothing in particular!
My everyday life right now is a rollercoaster of one moment having so much doubts about myself(I barely graduated junior high, and now I'm trying to get a job?), to being super confident(nothing matters but willpower! I can do it!).

12 May 2011

Fire, walk with me

No updates as of recent since, well, stuff. Been occupying myself with watching Twin Peaks, finally! Nagged my roommate about it for almost 2 years and a couple of days ago the coin fell down and he realized it was a Lynch product, so he finally succumbed.

Anyway, went out to Ikebukuro today! Here's what I got:

Swimmers Hairbrush, BB cream, MNY lipgloss

Rather excited to try out the BB cream, I've read so much good about BB creams.
Summer is coming rapidly and maybe I just suck at putting on makeup but when the heat really starts going sometime in June it just melts of my face, I figured that wouldn't be the case with a matting BB Cream, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

01 May 2011

Short trip to Koenji

Went to Koenji yesterday with my roommate, in search for an art book shop, he was looking for some books by a japanese guro artist, wich we found, and wich quite surprised the people working there. "You know about this guy? But how!"
I found some interesting stuff there myself, that I'll probably go back to get someday.

Anyway, yesterday there was a lot going on in Koenji, hula dancers, clowns, and all different stuff were out, so it was good fun.

But the best part was the birdman!

(approx. 3m tall!)