26 March 2011

Back from Fukuoka and shoeesss

So, I'm back from Fukuoka! Arrived last night, tireed, thankful that nothing had been tipped over in the apartment. *score*

they had just opened a Shimamura and Avail (discount clothing stores that carry alot of stuff that goes with the trends of gyaru), so I went there, yah!
My haul was two pair of shoes!

Beige booties
3000yen, Avail

Red Low-heeled pumps
990yen, Shimamura

I realized after buying a pair of Randa shoes (approx 8000yen I think),
that.. while pretty, the quality sucks. And then I rather buy a pair of "nobrand" shoes for a quarter of the prize that will last just as long.
I will probably buy more Randa shoes, but seeing how much I love shoes and how much I actually buy them(It's barely april and I know I've bought atleast 5 pairs already), it's better if I stick with the cheap option.

21 March 2011

3 days into our not so relaxing vacation!
tonight is the first night we actually have someplace booked to sleep!

And Ive gotten the cold of doom..

Heres some puri!

18 March 2011

In Fukuoka

So yesterday we arrived a bit after eleven at night to Fukuoka. Took about 5 hours by Shinkansen(damn that train is fast!).
We have this nasty habit of not booking hotels and stuff before going, so we had to search for a hotelroom in the middle of the night, thankfully we found a place, but just for the night, so today we gotta search for another place. All places we've looked up online are booked for Saturday Sunday so.. Yeah. let's see what happens!

I rock at packing btw, I took with me a good number of everything, skirts, tops, cardigans, panties. But socks and stockings? One pair of each, and I broke the stockings on the trip here, haha.

Instead of the usual religious books found in western hotels,
there was a manga depicting the life of some legendary guy here in Hakata, hahaha

16 March 2011

Going south

I caved.
Like almost everyone else I'm gonna go away from Tokyo.
Me, my roommate, my neighbour and my neighbours boyfriend will be going to Fukuoka tomorrow(Thursday) or Friday. It's roughly 1000kms from Tokyo and it's like the only place completly unaffected so far.

I kinda came to realize the events disturbed me more than I originally thought,
today I started to experience earthquakes that didn't exist. If that isn't a sign of stress I don't know what is!

But we'll be back soon, and I'll probably update from Fukuoka too. I hope it's nice.

15 March 2011

The earthquake

Yeah, so I guess you all already know about it.
It was indeed scary as hell.

Right now I feel lonely being calm about it.
Almost everyone I know is running away from Tokyo. Foreigners are going back to their countries, and some japanese people are if able going south.
The streets are rather empty. Compared to other citites there's alot of people, compared to Tokyo a week ago, it's really few.

I'm trying not to be online too much, that's why I haven't updated earlier,
it's kinda hard going online and see friend after friend posting "Leaving!", and some will never come back.

But I have an emergency bag packed and we've bought Iodine incase the radiation get's crazy.

Sorry the gloomy feeling, but it feels rather gloomy seeing everyone just root up and leave.

11 March 2011

Gratuation (卒業!)

So, on the 9th I graduated from ISI Tokyo.
It felt awesome! But of course kind of sad since I've been going there from time to time(don't really wanna say daily, haha) during the last 18 months.

Directly after the graduation ceremony a bunch of us went out drinking, and the next morning straight from the party to school where I took the graduation test(missed it on monday) and after that I slept until today. Yeah.

Happy bout this photo since three of my favorite teachers are on it,
Ikeda Sensei, Yamasaki Sensei and Oki Sensei!
(Oki sensei have been my homeroom teacher since I first came to Japan)
And a random old lady! (In brown, with short hair)

03 March 2011

Lazy-ass Thursday

Followed a friend home after school today, he made food and we watched the movie Easy A.
Lately I've just been laying at home doing nothing, so it felt nice laying in someone else's home doing nothing for once!
(The movie was entertaining too, not my usual taste put perfect for a lazy day.)