26 March 2011

Back from Fukuoka and shoeesss

So, I'm back from Fukuoka! Arrived last night, tireed, thankful that nothing had been tipped over in the apartment. *score*

they had just opened a Shimamura and Avail (discount clothing stores that carry alot of stuff that goes with the trends of gyaru), so I went there, yah!
My haul was two pair of shoes!

Beige booties
3000yen, Avail

Red Low-heeled pumps
990yen, Shimamura

I realized after buying a pair of Randa shoes (approx 8000yen I think),
that.. while pretty, the quality sucks. And then I rather buy a pair of "nobrand" shoes for a quarter of the prize that will last just as long.
I will probably buy more Randa shoes, but seeing how much I love shoes and how much I actually buy them(It's barely april and I know I've bought atleast 5 pairs already), it's better if I stick with the cheap option.


  1. Oh what cute shoes, I especially like the white heels! I have an Avail near me in Nishi-Kasai, it has lots of interesting cheap clothes XD