23 February 2010

Hair dreams.

This might just be the best hair I've ever seen.

(Ranzuki '10 April Issue)
Must get hairrolls. NAOW. 100円ショップに行きましょ!

I do wonder if it'd look good with blonde hair.


Ahh~ Spring is in the air.
Wich is a bit stressing, soon it'll be warm enough for being barelegged..
And I damn well want shorts! Problem is my legs are.. not working that.
I have fab legs, no worries there, I just don't get in to shorts, japanese nor swedish. And I really want a pair of jeansshorts..

Don't really know what to do about it, but I'll try loosing some weight I guess.
Wích is happening right now! Have been very sick the last few days so mt appetite has been basically non existant, so I guess I'll have to see the positive in that!
Allthough, I still have a very bad cough, but it seems to be going down, finally.

21 February 2010


So.. what I've been doing.
Been sick. Gone out drinking, went to horror-restaurant Lock Up(Shibuya), coughed blood, eaten icecream..

Oh, and I cut my bangs!
This saturday when we were going out, I got Martin to style it

I love the result! And I got a bunch of compliments for it.
It might not show well in the picture, but it's rerally poofy.

I hate that I cant do anything with my hair myself. I can put it in pigtails.. maybe braid it. No more, I have no idea how to tousle hair, for example. Curl? Whuut? Straightening iron?!!

Still coughing, so I better sleep!

14 February 2010

It's my birthday pt2

After a brief get togheter in me and Martins apartment, we went on to the bar Current, where it was a valentines party~~

Allthough! They did give me cake, a veryveryvery pretty cake, I was so surprised ;o;
Usually when bars/schools/whatevs gives you cake it's kinda halfassed. THIS WASNT.

And, posing with the cake(Ylva's pimpin' it up):

All in all it was a wonderful night, all though I might have drunk a bit too much. But still fun! And nothing a painkiller wont take care of, haha~

Cake, magic(one of the bartenders entertained me with his tricks when I was sitting alone), good friends. What more could you ask for?

Thank you Sushi, Mogi, Masami, Mame of Current, Ylva, Sabrina, Malin, Martin, Jasmine, Max, Amanda, Arianne, and all others who made it so awesome!

It's my birthday pt1

The 12th was my 19th birthday, but since it was on a friday(not really benri/convienient), celebration was made on Saturday!

Some people came over for pastries and cookies and a bit of a preparty~~
Not much pictures from there though.. but I can show the awesome stuff my awesome friends bought!

Amanda had made me this really cute hairclip, and earrings
So sweet ;o; Oh! And she have a store, please check it out Pink Cotton Candy Shop

And Ylva, had as usual brought an awesome gift, this time, a bolero from Angelic Pretty! Uwahaha ;o;
There is a reason I've nicknamed her "Bringer of Brand" ;D

Dearest Malin gave me so much! I got a lucky pack from Liz Lisa, and by a lucky strike, the cardigan I've been eyeing for a few months was in it *-*
Also, she had bought me a pair of wonderful Liz Lisa Earrings, and a bunch of other equally pretty Earrings (she's good at listening to what you says, I've been whining of a lack of earrings lately, haha) :D

13 February 2010

Ello ello

Been spending a lot of time in Harajuku lately, haven't been there for months and then POW, two days in a row!

First day was to find Ylva some fancy heels, and the other day was to buy some underwear!

One thing I love about Japanese underwear = They look awesome. It's really hard to find those boring beige ones. Bad thing is that the sizing is a bit small, but, most of the stores have bigger ones.. not ENORMOUS ones, but still. AND! They are still pretty! In sweden, all the bras in my size are like.. enormously ugly. Or really plain..


It was my birthday yesterday, 19 blazing years! Awesome presents!
My guy gave me an Orb-necklace >
In school, my classmate Emma surprised with... HOMEMADE CURRY! And.. even more epic.. HOME MADE CHOCOLATE TRYFFELS! Insane.

02 February 2010


It snowed in Tokyo last night~

Since I don't know what to write, here's some pictures at the ice-cream and milkshake I ate at Milkyway some time ago! Deliisssh