24 May 2012

A day in "town"

Today we went into town! Keep in mind "going into town" means traveling for an hour, haha. It was really nice, summer have finally come up here, so I unpacked a specially summery dress just for the hell of it! The town in question is really small, and thus there's nothing really to do there, but it's still more things to do and see than in our yard.. I guess!

I got to eat sushi for the first time since I came back to Sweden! A newly opened restaurant became the first restaurant in this municipality to offer sushi (and other japanese dishes).. Unfortunatly it.. wasn't really good. It's not that I'm spoiled by japanese sushi, because I've always prefered western styled, simply because they are just that, westernized. Lot's of salmon, "easy on the eye/mind"-pieces, and less brown-gunky-goo on top of rice. But this? Nah. But I'm giving the place the benefit of the doubt, they were just opened, we went during lunch time, and I'm kind of assuming the person doing them wasn't schooled in it.
It looked kinda pretty though, right? Btw, chives? And rom? On salmon? Huh?

Best thing of the entire day was without a douuuubbbt, the flamingo scarf!! I've been eyeing it for quite some time now, but today I finally had the money on hand to buy it! I grabbed it and ran! .. I payed inbetween those two actions though, of course. But seriously, it's so awesome! This is just a preview of the pattern (flamingos!!), I'll probably wear it alot.. It's really lightweight and soft, and Swedish summer can be quite cold, so I like to have a scarf along with me, haha.
One flamingo, two flamingo, a scarf full of flamingo!
 I totally forgot to take any outfit pictures today though, I had to rush from the minute I woke up, going somewhere with people ages 50+ means going at 09.00, no matter what. What's up with that? Haha, they didn't even have plans for the day, but it was really important that we got out of the house by 9! Oh anyway, but I did take a detail picture of the dress, I think the pattern is really lovely! Lightweight chiffon ftw!

And hey, Swede's, don't forget about Mothers Day!

21 May 2012

Time for change

This weekend I visited my dad, and also finally had a chance to meet some of my relatives on his side! Most of them I hadn't seen for 4 years or more. One of my cousins was a baby last time I saw her, and now she was 6, and completely hyperactive.

Anyway, I don't know if I've really said anything about it, but I'm moving back to Uppsala!
It'll be nice to be out of the forest, haha! Being able to do stuff, meet people! Being able to text a friend and see if they wanna go out and take a coffee later that day, and not having to travel for 10 hours..

In honor of my second movingawayfrom home day, I'll post some pictures of my current room.  Or well, details of it.

 My Angel's Tears! I love this plant so much, everytime I look at it I wish I was 5cms tall and  able to live in it.

 My pins and brooches! The box itself isn't so visible, but it's a souvenir from Gran Canaria or something that I got when I was 6, from some friends of my mother. It's covered in shells!

 Shirts I hardly ever wear but refuse to get rid off.
 Mirror, part of my bag hanger, some hair accessories. And yes, my mirror is indeed wearing an apron.
 Skirts and dresses! I don't really know why I let some skirts hang on hangers and some be folded, but, oh well.

And that was that. I'll try and get my things in order this week. Moving is always troublesome, but I don't really wanna bring much, so it'll be even harder trying to sort out what to bring and what not to.

10 May 2012

Good old platforms

Gwuahh! I was looking through my old stuff today, trying to sort things to donate/sell/throw away/keep, and I found my old platforms!
I bought them when I was 12-13ish I think, and I remember being so happy about them! I wore them everyday for about 3 years haha. It's a wonder they're still intact, but they've been on regular visits to the cobbler, I did my best to take care of them.

After I found them we we're going to town, so I decided to take some matching clothes. Unfortunatly I still suck at this whole outfit-picture-thingamajig (it was so much easier when I had other people to take them for me!), but the dress I'm wearing is the pink/black heart dress I posted about the other day~

Oh be still my heart!

My cold has finally ceased it's hold of me, but before it was even over I managed to wake up to a crick in the neck. Usually it goes away by itself in a couple of hours, but I've had it for 4 days now! I'm starting to fear I'll live my life like Kermit from now on.. You know, having to turn my entire torso, because I HAVE NO NECK.
Do anyone of you have any home remedies?
I've tried hot showers, massage, heatpacks, more massage, painkillers, even threats(!), but nothing seems to work :(

07 May 2012


My cold is taking it's toll. I'm one of those people who just can't hide the fact that they're sick, because my face/body just screams it out, haha. My face get's all swollen and red, and I don't think even housepaint could cover that up..
Regardless of what my face is up to, it's always nice to get dressed up(as in, get out of your pajama and into something else that's comfortable), even if you'll snivel and cough and mostly just wait in the car. Which was exactly what I did when mom went to do her errands!

Long sweaters is basically the definition of comfortable! I bought this at Gina Tricot last week, and it's such a gem!  (I really ought to figure out why my camera refuses take sharp photos on objects further than 50cms away from the camera..)

Hat: BikBok
Sweater: Gina Tricot
Shorts & Shirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Random cheap-o store in Fukuoka
Red nose: Kleenex

06 May 2012

New Dresses

Everyone has different clothing that they bulk, my thing is dresses!
9 days out of 10 I wear a dress, so when I shop it's mainly for dresses.. Oh god, dresses, y u so awesome? Put on a dress, a cardigan, tights and some accessories and your done! No hassle, like when you use bottom/tops, having to match them together..

So, here's the dresses I got while being down south! I really love the denim one and it was what I used on walpurgis night. We went to some hipster club called Färgfabriken (The Color Factory). I'm not really a club person, but it was really nice hanging out with my friend, and meeting her friends!
The denim and heart dress are from H&M, the shirt dress is from att. but I thrifted it ;D
The shirt dress kinda reminds me of those uniforms voluntary nurses used to (still uses?) in america.. Or maybe it's just in movies?

Destiny gave me 10cms of snow and a raging cold as soon as I got back home, so I'm just lazying about, drinking silver tea with ginger in it.

I did try to paint my hair the other day, tumblrs/youtubers might have stumbled upon that whole "put oil pastels in your hair yay!"-thing that went on, and I finally decided to try it out. Turned out pretty nice I think! Non-damaging, easy to wash out. I think I'll keep doing this!