07 May 2012


My cold is taking it's toll. I'm one of those people who just can't hide the fact that they're sick, because my face/body just screams it out, haha. My face get's all swollen and red, and I don't think even housepaint could cover that up..
Regardless of what my face is up to, it's always nice to get dressed up(as in, get out of your pajama and into something else that's comfortable), even if you'll snivel and cough and mostly just wait in the car. Which was exactly what I did when mom went to do her errands!

Long sweaters is basically the definition of comfortable! I bought this at Gina Tricot last week, and it's such a gem!  (I really ought to figure out why my camera refuses take sharp photos on objects further than 50cms away from the camera..)

Hat: BikBok
Sweater: Gina Tricot
Shorts & Shirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Random cheap-o store in Fukuoka
Red nose: Kleenex

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