29 December 2010

The day of arrival!

So Zara has finally come!
Managed to miss my stop on the way to Narita because my favorite yoghurt of all time (only available in Sweden) showed up on the tv-screens in a commercial and I .. yeah, blacked out kinda. Thankfully her flight was delayed, unfortunatly it was by an hour, and with the time customs take, I waited for quite a while!

But now she's here, and we decided to go easy on the first day and just stroll around Ikebukuro a while~

My hood!


Our plan was to eat Shabu Shabu, but it didn't open till five, and when we got there 2 minutes to five, there was like.. 75 peope queuing.. Ehh.
So we thought, curry! And went to the fancy curry restaurant. It didn't open until six.

Ended up on an Izakaya, cheap and easy way to show Zara some japanese dishes!

28 December 2010

Christmas pictures

Today I'm spending the day cleaning and making the apartment look nifty, for tomorrow my friend Zara comes to visit me from Sweden! Yay!
Also I'm sulking because I can't go out bargainhunting :(


Haven't posted any pics from christmas, so here they come!

This is actually from before christmas, more exactly, the last day of school! We were making decorations for the school's christmas party, and I tried my hand on origami, and might I say I quite mastered it! (I was like the only one who managed to make rather normal looking santas, haha)

This is actually rather horrible! I was trying to climb up and look for the christmas ornaments, and when I was about to fall down.. did my friends help me? NO! They took pictures, wtf? This generation is so destroyed XD
(Note: They did actually help me down after this photo)

"Yo yo dawg, I herd u liked christmas, so.. " I never did find the christmas ornaments, that's why there's just random glitter on the tree.

Wooo, Swedish christmasfood!
Potatoes, Meatballs, little wiener sausages, red onion,
mustard, smoked salmon and in the foreground is the fabulous christmas ham!

And that was christmas!
And if I haven't mentioned it, my gifts was:
Brown Liz Lisa muffler with golden pin to pin it togheter
The union jack sweater from JSG
Sweet lil' robot necklace
and surprise gift from my friends boyfriend, a mug set with Mickey and Minnie for me and my roomie!

No pictures though, cause I'm lazy and haven't taken any! ( you can see the robot necklace on pupe, and the JSG sweater in a previous post)

26 December 2010

Cutest furry little drink EVARR

Japan is a complete overload of cute things, as you all know, but today I struck gold!

Honey Apple juice, with the cutest tetra I've seen so far!


Picture quality have improved thanks to my Father, who gave me money to buy a new camera for christmas! (Canon IXY 200F)

25 December 2010

Christmas in DA HOUSE

So, yesterday was (swedish) Christmas!
All in all a wonderful day, and me and Malin managed to make the christmas ham all by ourselves!
This year it was just me Malin and Martin, but later Malins boyfriend came along and got a taste of swedish christmas food, glögg and gingerbread cookies~

Unfortunatly my Roomie Martin is leaving for Sweden over the Holidays tomorrow, but on Tuesday my ol' friend Zara comes to stay with me! Stay tuned for tourist-y madness!

Look what I got!
My lovely friend Malin gave me the JSG sweater I've desired oh so desperatly for a couple of months!
Less visible is the amazing robot necklace Martin gave me, it can move its head, legs arms and torso!

16 December 2010

A sneaky peak

I will write tons about this, just not now.
Please wait a month, and you'll get to know more than you wanted to!

12 December 2010

A night in pictures

I went out, drank, went home(I was so not healthy enough to go out D: )
Was a good night though, I made peace with an old friend and learned the proper way to greet Manowar fans!

Ylva has an awesome camera so here's pictures.

Konbini Preparty.
The Pokemon champagne I'm holding was unfortunatly for kids.

Stupid faces was made. (Yeah I know everyone hates that face.)
I HAVE A FRINGE!! omgzz!

And alas, derp and blur was made.

Payed greatly for that I did, my eyes got soo irritated by my circle lenses.
Tip from the coach: Don't have a cold and wear circlelenses. (The shape of the eye changes during a cold, and due to circle lenses size/hardness they irritate the eye even more than usual lenses.) I usually wear my circles for approx 17-19 hours/a day without problem (.. I have long days.), and last night I wore them for approx 8 hours and BOOM, my eyes are a pretty scarlet color.

11 December 2010


First of all, I must say that I find it quite amusing that during the time I haven't really updated, I've gained a bunch of followers! The internet works in mysterious ways. (But I'm not complaining!)

Anyway, christmas is getting closer! Gonna try to put up the christmas tree this weekend.
Even though we live in a supersmall apartment, we did get ourselves a huge christmas tree last year. And it twinkles! (Fiber..optics.. lights.. I think) I'll post pictures as soon as the apartment is all christmas-y.

Aaand. What I wish for?


Jeffrey Campbells Lita shoes. How mainstream am I? Haha. But I really really really want them, along with 45% of the rest of the worlds female population.

A new camera, preferably an IXY. I've wanted one since a friend bought one last spring, and now another friend just got hers, and I found out they've cut the price with like 20 000yen!

A Polaroid Camera. I've always wanted one, and they are available here in Japan for next to nothing (5000yen, cheap for a polaroid I think?), and I haven't bought one! Whaat. I believe I'll buy myself this though. It'd be sweet to have polaroids to remember things with.

Still sick, but getting better! My friend Malin gave me some crazy chinese medicine she got from some nepalese friend who got it from some chinese people. It's crazy. I couldn't swallow, then I took one of those, and then I could literally not feel my throat. At all.
I wonder whats in them?

07 December 2010

Still sick, still bored

So.. Two weeks. What kind of cold is this?? It's crazy! And since lenses are a no-no, my skin gets dried up(no makeup) and fever makes me unable to do anything else than drag my sorry ass to school and back.. There have not really been anything going on.

So.. nothing much to tell.
(Unless you guys wish me to write reviews over masks, teas and updates on my daily knitting..)
Just wanted to make an update, it felt a bit sad reading "1 week since last update", haha.

They released balloons over Ikebukuro the otherday,
exciting moment in recent everyday life.

29 November 2010

Sick and boring

Gotten quite of a cold after the wet FujiQ experience.
And yesterday we cleaned the apartment for 13(!!!)hours (granted, a lot of it was trying to find a PLACE for all the stuff DDD:), so I've strained my back. Yeah, 19 years old and brittle has an 80year old.

So I stayed home, and was bored.

I made dorky nails!

Bought like 5 nail buffers at Donki the other day, just because they cost 30yen/each and they had nailstickers on them.. Hehe.

26 November 2010

Salon exte!

Woot, I has it!
After reading about it at Graphic Noise's blog, I really wanted to try it! And after some shifting on my supposed-to-be christmasmoney (that I receive, not my funds to by other people things!), I got to do it! Waah!

I made it over at Extensions Tokyo, with a Hot Pepper coupon wich landed it all on 9990yen, for 100g human hair extensions! I don't know how much strands that is, but over 50 I believe? It's also right over my navel, so quite long, too! If the gomi on them breaks, it costs 20 yen for them to braid it in again, and if you loose the entire strand it costs 300 for a new one.
It was my first time to ever do extensions at a salon, and my third time ever to even go to a salon, so I don't really think I'm in the position to write any review on it.. But if you look at Graphic Noise, she wrote a really good one!

All I can say is; I'm super satisfied and am going to start saving up NOW in order to afford new ones when these one's are worn out, haha.

Pic for reference! It looks MUCH darker than it actually is though, but I'll try to get a better picture soon ~~ And please excuse derpface of doom..

All in all I'm very very satisfied, and now I'm off to brush my hair and pretend I'm Rapunzel light.

It's been my dream for many many years to have long hair, since I haven't managed to go over shoulder lenght for the past 6 years, so going to bed with long hair, and waking up with long hair was really similar to the first time I went to bed with 20/20 vision and woke up with 20/20 vision! Haha.

24 November 2010


Outfit post!
I curled my hair today, it went smoother than I thought!
Still a beginner though, but I think I'm gonna try to do this more often.
If I curl the exte the night before it's a superfast way to a nice hairstyle even on schooldays..


Started to shadow my nose btw,
do you notice any difference?

23 November 2010

Japanese souvernirs

One thing I truly enjoy about Japan is souvernirs. There's so many, and so strange!
It seems fun to collect too, a friend in school collects Stitch(disney)-straps from different locations, and I'd love to do the same, allthought themed Marie things isn't so popular it seems..

But at FujiQ I bought this matching couple!
My roommate wanted something cheap and fun as a souvenir, so I got this. The reason it's the both of them is because I wanted one too, haha

S/M Fujisan!

22 November 2010

Rain and disappointments

FujiQ was a disaster. We went there in spite of rain, and the reward was that everything was closed.
Ya, really. The haunted hospital, the teacups & The Merry-Go-Round was all that was open(apart from "Go and look at cards!Wooh!" kinda things). Soo. Yes.
Also the piggy tights managed to escape during the night, and I was unable to find them this morning.. Gonna take a shopping day or something soon, so I'll be able to post about them then!

Bought a lipconcealer from Canmake the other day, and I can't decide if I love it or hate it.
Pale lips kinda gives me a bratty-vibe, since the brats(or Fjortisar) in Sweden luvz the palelip.

So, do I look like a douche or is it passable?

On a positive note, I found a supercheap nailsalon the other day that I'm indenting to try out in the next two weeks! Around 4000yen for gels! I really just want simple ones anyway, so I think it's great. It'd be awesome having superlong superdeco'd nails but.. housework.. Hoow?

21 November 2010

Piggy tights for piggys.

Soo, since I'm obsessed with loosing weight lately I decided to give something new a try, that I've been seeing around.
Calorie off tights! Sounds silly but yeah, they are supposed to increase your.. calorie burning with 400kcal per hour of walking!
Tomorrow I'll go with my school to Fuji Q Highland (=lot's of walking) and I'm gonna try them out and see how it feels

And the package is hilarious!

(And just so everyone knows, yes, I know the best way to loose weight is by steadily change your eating habits and become more physically active, but I like to explore the shortcuts, and in Japan there are so so so many shortcuts!)

Oh! And about the Germanium Roller I'd say it's worth the money(if you buy one of the cheaper one's, the "real deal" costs like 20 000yen!)!
Atleast when it comes to dark circles (can't really say anything about wrinkles, since I don't have any), but after using it under my eyes I can really see improvement. Unfortunatly I didn't take any before pictures so.. Yeah.

16 November 2010

Testing something new

I've gotten some questions lately, and I thought that this might be a good way to answer them?
The current comment layout doesn't really enable true replying, so most of the time I think the questions would be left unanswered..

So let's try this!

A: My favorite is actually kakao, the one pictured, but maple is awesome too!
I should go on the lookout for the other flavors, at my konbini they only have the one's I've listed :(

It's 90kcal per individual cookie, 179kcal per packet. The ones I buy come with two bags with a total of 4 cookies :o They're great for snacking *-*

.. Please tell me if this is just silly or if it's a good idea?

Cookie monster

These are seriously the best diet snacks ever!
It`s four rather large creamcookies, with just 90kcal per piece!

Best part?
They actually taste better than usual cookies, in my opinion.

Tastes are cocoa, raisin&yoghurt, maple, apple tart and cream cheese.

\157 and available in konbini.

These little sweeties are totally making my diet experience alot better!

15 November 2010

Who? Who?

Naboo, that`s who!

11 November 2010

Yay shopping

Went to Sunshine City today, for the first time in a very very long time. It's fifteen minutes walking from my apartment, yet I never go there. Such a waste of such awesomeness!
Got a bunch of earrings(3pairs for 200yen), a backpack, sunglasses and so on.


Cardigan: Wonder Rocket (iloveitsomuch)
Skirt: Originally shorts, from some store in Big Box
Shoes: Randa
Bag: Gal Fit

And Sunshine had made it's christmas decorations, along with the rest of Ikebukuro!
Gotta love the christmastree! (Spotted next to it is some Maya statues, some exhibition going on I think, I didn't really read the signs).
Amazing pink bow of DOOM.

And alas, purikura! Rarely doing that these days, it too is a shame, it's great fun!

09 November 2010

Yoyogi Kouen

Went to Yoyogi park today after school with Malin and Ylva, for some picknicky goodness and chillin' in the indian summer. (Is it possible in November?)

The main part with the water and such wasn't so very autumny, but when trekking deeper into the park there was some serious autumn action!

07 November 2010

New bag!

Finally I have one of these bags!
I've wanted a quilted bag for a couple of years but never really found one that striked me as awesome. (The dream being a chanel 2.55).
Whilst this is no chanel, it's still win! Perfect size, and the tail was included!
Tails of this size are like 3000yen, so getting both the bag and the tail for 3000yen was quite nice!

04 November 2010

My own personal brand of...

... painkillers!

I wanna go to disney seaaa!!! It was awesome going there during presummer, and I think it'd be even more awesome to go there during autumn/winter!
Then I could buy an awesome hat or something..

In other news I've just been laying in bed. I have some wicked headache that surface as soon as I move :(

Jumped on the train to Shakujii park, where people are supposedly dropping off their unwanted pets..
One time they even found a crocodile!

We didn`t find anything but huge spiders though (ΘoΘ;)

02 November 2010

Stocking up..

40 packs of kairo to warm me up in these cold times〜

bought a petit kororo yesterday!
the power of germanium is supposed to make dark circles and wrinkles disappear, and also firm the skin and make you lose weight〜
hopefully it works!


chillin in the park with ylva and malin〜☆

30 October 2010


25 October 2010

hair, I has it.

24 October 2010

Rain rain rain

And now comes the rain. It's been so nice autumn weather for a while now, without the rain, but now it came, just like last year, and it's going to last till summer, atleast!

Anyway, the other day while midnight shopping at Donki I finally caved in and bought Dollywink lashes. I've been in need for new bottom lashes for a while, and after seeing them everywhere, on everyone, and reading all the positive reviews, I decided they could maybe be worth 1260yen!
I have yet to tried them on, though. Any opinions about the glue you get with it? I just use the one you get with Daiso's lashes, and Ardell's glue.

(Outdoor pic, just for the change!)

In other news:

I've been on a job interview! My first ever, actually! I sent the application in on a whim, not really expecting anything, but alas, they had answered with a wish for an interview within 10 minutes of my sending my application. I didn't expect that at all so I saw the mail too late, but they fixed a new interview for the following day. Extreme beginnersluck, I've been told(and understod!), but regardless I have a good feeling about it!

And I've finally gotten my extensions back in order. Nowadays I got long brown hair. Yeah!

15 October 2010

Mejiro Japanese Garden~~

Today I finally got to go to Mejiro Japanese Garden! It's like 2 minutes away from my apartment, but the opening hours are kinda wonky, but today after school I finally got to see it!
Despite what the size looks like from outside, it feels HUGE. I guess it's the landscaping..
Snapped a few pictures of it, though! (And autumn is finally coming!)

Whipped cream pouring like waterfalls!

You see how huge it looks?? And yet on the outside it's about 50m x 50m or something.

And with autumn comes my favorite thing in japan. Kairo!
We don't have these in sweden, but it's basically small bags with some kind of carbon in them, that when you rub it starts a reaction wich makes the bag really warm (about 50C). It's perfect in the cold months~
Bought a cute Minnie Mouse Kairo cover today at Seven Eleven~

13 October 2010

From now on

I will always be dressed to success, thanks to Jack!

10 October 2010

weekend timee

Ahh, nice weekend. Went to Current yesterday for an allnighter and it was a pretty good night.
Two of the bartenders have recently had their birthdays so they had a birthdayevent for them.
You can't really see it in the picture since(and because I hate myself in profile I didn't take any pics), but I had tousled the hair to have volume in the back~~ Kinda beehive style but not so much vertically.

Lookin' kinda rauncy.

And today I went out to eat and chill with some friends, with meeeeaaant, BERET UP!! WOO.

... Yeah, I've taken a big fancy for bathroomshots, haha.
But my mirror is so cleeaaan and spotless, I can't help myself!

08 October 2010


So, I've been thinking about deco for a long time now.
And, the otherday I finally did it!

My victim was my beaten up cellphone.

It's really simple, but I'm really proud over the outcome, especially since it's my first time!
The next day I deco'd my camera too, but since I used the same materials they are completly matching, so just think this deco on a camera, haha.

06 October 2010

Happy days

Had one of those ridicilous days with Malin yesterday.
You know, when you haven't really slept, woken up at seven, gone to school, fallen over at curryplace and then decide it's time to find a Parka. (Found a great one, btw!)
You always end up with strange purikura and matching berets.

This is actually a pretty accurate picture of how we look like in a car.
I always smile maniaclly and make thumbs up when riding a car.

Pannkaka(Pancake) is a swedish internetmeme based on this
Yum Yum Yummy.. well that's a crepeplace in Harajuku.