11 November 2010

Yay shopping

Went to Sunshine City today, for the first time in a very very long time. It's fifteen minutes walking from my apartment, yet I never go there. Such a waste of such awesomeness!
Got a bunch of earrings(3pairs for 200yen), a backpack, sunglasses and so on.


Cardigan: Wonder Rocket (iloveitsomuch)
Skirt: Originally shorts, from some store in Big Box
Shoes: Randa
Bag: Gal Fit

And Sunshine had made it's christmas decorations, along with the rest of Ikebukuro!
Gotta love the christmastree! (Spotted next to it is some Maya statues, some exhibition going on I think, I didn't really read the signs).
Amazing pink bow of DOOM.

And alas, purikura! Rarely doing that these days, it too is a shame, it's great fun!

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  1. It must be so nice to live close to a shopping mall like Sunshine City, my place in Tokyo is so far from everything haha. I love Christmas trees!