19 December 2011

Recent gets

I update so seldom nowadays! That sucks, and I should do something about it. I guess it's because I don't really use my laptop anymore, the poor thing has gone unused because of the iPhone. And the blogger app kind of sucks, so..

Well it's soon Christmas! I'm going back home after a visit in the south tomorrow and I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with my mum again, this'll be the first time in two years!

I'm working on getting school out of the way, and by the looks of it I should be able to have finished pretty much everything by spring, but I'll have to take language courses someplace else since my municipality doesn't offer any.

Anyway, as the title suggested, here's three recent gets!
Between Christmas and new years it's swedens craziest sale, but since I don't think I'll be able to go to a city during that time I did some shopping at the pre Christmas sale.

21 November 2011

Yet another monday

Hello again! Back at home now, trying to survive rabid kittens. Seemingly they've missed biting my nose so much they are making up for lost bites now, haha.
I made a favicon the other day too! It's .. half-assed, but I'll work on it.

 While in Norrköping, I went to see the Tintin movie! I was surprised how good it was, while my friend was surprised how it weren't as good as he had thought. I guess it's because I expected a silly childrends movie, and my friend expected something super serious for adults. Since it was something inbetween, there's no surprise to why we thought as we did..

When I went to my dads, I got a pair of winter boots! And a scooteroverall(for really cold days/fishing), but it isn't worth a picture haha. Loving these boots! They look a bit big though, but that's only because they are, you gotta have room for all them wooly socks! 

The day before I came to my mothers house, it had snowed! So we made a monkeysnowman. Unfortunatly it started raining the other day so it's kind of lopsided now. I got great plans for an epic snowcave though, so as soon as the snow really starts coming, I'm gonna bring out my blueprints, haha.

Also, I've started crafting again. More specificially, crocheting. And I bought a bunch of different ribbons today so I can make hairribbons, I've always thought it's better to do them yourself than buying, most of the time atleast.. Anyway, crafting is a great way of wasting time, when there's nothing else to do, haha.

15 November 2011

Long time no shopping

And also, long time no updating. Slumping hard lately, it's hard not to when living in the middle of a forest, and the highlight of the week is going grocery shopping, haha.

At my dads place now though, and we went to the local mall! The only positive thing with living with my mother is that I don't have to use my money for bills and rent.. So I finally got to do some shopping! Woo!

And yes, that IS a white bowler hat, and I think it's absolutely amazing!

22 October 2011


At my fathers place now, for a long overdue visit!

When looking for a secod hand hairdryer, I instead found some brooches and a pretty little bag with the Eiffel tower!

13 October 2011

Out and about

Been traveling a bit lately, the first step being Uppsala. A dear friend turned twenty!

I don't really know when I'll go back north, tho..

Picture time !
New fancy dress(you know a dress is fancy when even the motif is dressed up), cake, pretending to be a teenager for a while, and norrkoping.

03 October 2011

Got the books I ordered last week! George Orwell's Animal Farm, and Etgar Keret's Kneller's Happy Campers! 
Animal Farm is one of those books that's always taken at the library, and everytime I see it in a bookstore I'm always short on money. Kneller's I ordered because I love the movie based of it(Wristcutters, a love story), so I'm excited to read the novel! 

Going down to Uppsala later this week to celebrate my best friends 20th birthday! I'm really excited to properly see her again, and well, to get out of this village, haha.

02 October 2011

Finally Dorothy shoes!

Like most kids I always wanted those amazing shoes of Dorothy(The Wizard of Oz).
Everytime I found something red and glittery they've either been stripperheels(which felt a bit off) or kiddie shoes in sizes way tiny. But today I visited a fleamarket, and I found some red glittery ballerinas for just 5 SEK! Completly new, and allthough not exactly like the movie shoes, good enough for days when I just wanna tap my heels togheter.

Got a pretty jewelry box that matches, too!

30 September 2011

Velvet and new Delhi

I threw away a lot of nailpolishes when leaving Japan, but with these two I feel like I can make it through autumn and winter!

28 September 2011

Cleaning out

So, starting new in sweden, eh.
When I moved from Tokyo I threw away -alot- of things in order to be able to actually bring anything. The mood is still there it seems, so I'm going through my old stuff, trying to get rid of most.
If anyone's interested, check out my Tradera, I'll add stuff regulary, and it'll be everything ranging from vintage, rave, weird stuff, to japanese stuff, so. Well. yeah!

Cleaned out my wallet today too, realised there were no reason to carry around gazillions of point cards I can't use. And boy, there were alot! My wallet weighs nothing now!

Oh, and it's autumn up here.. I love it, but it's so very very cold. I kid you not, it's even cold inside the house! I dug out my mums lusecardigan despite the fact that I hate itchy clothing because it's the only thing that'll keep me somewhat warm.

21 September 2011

Red Cross bargain

Went by the local Red Cross shop(in Sweden it's common that localities have a Second Hand shop where proceeds go to the Red Cross).

 Managed to snag some things up, 2 pair of shoes, a maxi dress and three scarves.
 The scarves were the best though, 3 for 10sek(approx 100yen). One with flowers, one with wagons and one paisely!

19 September 2011

Country life

So, my fifth/fourth day back in Sweden. Everything is going suprisingly well! My bag finally came yesterday, so now I can dress, haha.
I'm pleased that I'm not torn apart inside over leaving Japan, since I thought I'd be completly depressed, haha. But I think I left at a good time. Two years is a long time, and the last 6 months I didn't do anything. I want to live in Japan, but I want to do something, school, work, anything, and right now there's nothing there I can do. I'll soon be back there, anyway!

Things are rolling on good here, thankfully! I'm gonna join the local gym, the last two years haven't been nice to my body, but hopefully with some exercise and home cooked meals I'll be healthy and fine in no time! And next week I'm going to start taking driving lessons!
Gonna sign up for adult school this week too! 

So, what do you do in a village? Let there be pictures!
(Yeah, I abuse instagram lately, it's one of the few sources of entertainment I have)

My mother is unknowingly really trendy with her interior, I noticed!
Went to Systembolaget for the first time! You have to be 20 in Sweden to buy hard liquour. I got candy!
The view. Quite different from the view I had in Tokyo.
Raided my grandmothers attic, 7 wool berets and a nifty suitcase!
Kuro, the kittens mother. She rules with an iron fist!

16 September 2011

Kittie heaven

At my mums place, and theres five cats that just wanna snuggle!

My bag disappeared in Moscow though..

But who cares?! Kitties!!

14 September 2011

Life Lesson: Moving

Moving from one side of a continent to another is a pain in the butt when you wait until the last day, and your mother isn't there to be all awesome and smart and help you.

My flight leaves in 22 hours, the apartment is a mess and it's like the laws of physics doesn't apply anymore.

Someone pleaase invent the shrink ray!

I'm a hoarder by heritage, so the fact that I am actually throwing away things makes generations of my family scream in anguish from the other side, haha.

I''ll probably be back again around the weekend. Till then!

11 September 2011

Ueno Zoo

So, last friday Martin & Malins school were going to Ueno Zoo! I decided to come along, to finally see the pandas!

I love zoos, but it's so depressing. People often talk about japanese pet shops, and that they live in small cubicles.. Well, those pets atleast get a new home rather quick, the animals in the zoos live there their whole lifes, running around in circles.

Nevertheless, animals are exciting, and apart from that my heart stung a couple of times, it was great fun!

 Pic spam!

"Do Not Feed" sign, but cute!
Shaved Ice!
The tag says "There's babies in my tummy".

05 September 2011

Shirokuma madness

Just went out and bought a bucket load of one of my favorite beauty products! Shirokuma eye plasters! But the majority isn't for me. My mom told her friend about these and how much I raved about them, and asked me to buy her a bunch!

I'll do a review about them, or well, post before and after pictures! I haven't used them for a few weeks to let my dark circles come back in order to properly show the effect..

04 September 2011


 Went with Ylva and Martin for some good ol' cake binge eating today at Sweets Paradise!

Cake! I especially liked the Mont Blances(the bottom two).

03 September 2011

Shopping therapy

Came up with the wonderful idea to show away the feelings about leaving Japan!
Or, well, to shop for autumn. If I'd stay stay in Japan I wouldn't be able to wear anything autumny until perhaps October, but now, I'll be able to wear it in two weeks!

Went by g.u (oh how I will miss thee lowcost shoppingparadise!!), and bought two pieces that I've already planned for. These will go completly unused until the day of arrival. They'll both be in my carry on luggage, ready to be taken out and worn as soon as I hit Swedish ground.
They might not look like much, but they're both made in "cashemere touch"(closest to the real deal I'll get!), so it'll be comforting to have something warm and snuggly, I believe!

The cardigan is rather big/long, so I'll throw in a thin belt and voila, ready!

As usual I amaze my surroundings by having death fights with vacuum bags to be able to fit my stuff into boxes to ship off, while at the same time buying more things with the mantra "I'll bring these in my bag, I need these for fall/winter!".

31 August 2011

Keeping my mood up... with kittens!

The departure date is getting closer everyday, and with it comes mixed feelings. I love Japan, this is where I want to be. Naturally, that means I'm plenty upset about leaving. And while I dislike Sweden in so many ways, there'll be good things about it too. Both Japan and Sweden have their pros and cons, so I guess it'll all be good in the end.
I'm trying my best to keep my spirits high about leaving, by thinking about all the bad things about Japan(cockroaches! humidity!), and things in Sweden I look forward to.

So here's a small list of what I'm longing for about Sweden!

1 Food
Of course, swedish food is something I've been craving ever since I left. While teriyaki, sushi, onigiri and ramen is all very delicious, there's just something about the food you've eaten since you were a child, right?  I'm preparing mentally for a weight gain of about 5-10kgs when I come to sweden.. (No, not really! Haha)

2 Friends and family
Allthough my friends are sparse but amazing, and my family small and complex, I miss them all, and it will be one of the best things about returning! Being the "runaway" on my "special adventure"(i.e omg I lived in Tokyo!), homesickness haven't been a top priority of mine, but I know how much my mother and father have missed me, so being able to see them again is going to be fantastic!

3 Fresh air and amazing tap water
When I lived in Uppsala(Swedens 4th biggest city), I complained a bit about the air, that was rather dirty compared to my hometowns. After living in Tokyo for 2 years, I'm thinking my lungs will burst by the clean air! Also, I hardly ever drink tap water in Japan(omg the chlorine taste!!), so being able to drink the tap water at my mums house, that goes from a spring in a neighbouring mountain(yes it's THAT village-y!), will be like drinking tears of angels, I believe.

4 Kitties
Cats are my favorite animal, hands down. I haven't had a cat for 4 years now! And although Japan is filled with cats, they are all very scared, and unlike japanese people, doesn't approach you for a snuggle. And the cats at the cat cafés I've visited are rather .. uninterested in humans.  My mom got a cat lady right after I left for Japan, and this spring she got kittens! Although I didn't get to actually be there, my mom uploaded pictures everyday for me to see their growth! Kittiekittie!

These are the two I'll get! I'll either take them both, or just one.. Or none, depending on what kind of apartment I get..

I might make a list of what I wont miss with Japan, for my own sake. It could be good looking at it when it feels too hard.

30 August 2011

Fall wants from F21

Surprisingly enough, the brand that has grown the most on me while living in Japan is not a japanese brand, but an american! Forever21 doesn't have stores in Sweden, and the shipping costs are crazy, so I never really experienced F21 until moving here, and it quickly became a place were I did alot of my shopping. Unlike other overseas brands(like H&M), F21 is still reasonably priced and have a lot of simple, cheap and cute pieces to put together.

Fall is coming up, so I decided to make some collages of things I wouldn't mind wearing!

One other thing I'd add, is loads of dark green stuff. I've been completly obsessed with that color lately, but I have yet to find some nice things sporting it.

Doing this reminded me I need to go by F21 someday before leaving.. Just about 2 weeks left now!

29 August 2011

New notebooks and small towns.

Even though I don't go to school at the moment, I bought two new notebooks the other day! They're so pretty, and were just 100yen/each, so how could I resist?

Vintage labels and old maps!

And yesterday I somehow found myself at a concert. Upon arrival I found out that the bassist of the band we were there to see works at my konbini. The levels of embarrassment/surprise is through the roof! That man has seen me buy chocolate in the middle of the night, in my pajama, without makeup. Dancing, superdrunk, sick, dressed as a goth, etc etc. And now suddenly he was a real person, in a band that I was about to see. The situation was rather awkward, but he turned out to be a really cool guy, and his band really good!
Luckily for me, when people heard that he worked at "My konbini" at the after party, he was the one being bullied, not me.
Tokyo is indeed a small town, sometimes.

28 August 2011

Yesterdays outfit

I really really really wanted to be able to wear a Yukata when going to the fireworks, but unfortunatly grown up things like paying the gas bill came up, and set a stop for buying something I'd only wear pretty much once, so I went in my normal clothes.

Woo, censor! The lower part of my face had a life on its own..
Top(actually a dress): Random shop in Nakano Sun Mall
Skirt: Honeys(Sunshine City)
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Shimamura

I look angry in the picture, but I blame it on sunlight and slight stress, haha.
I don't really use circle lenses anymore, since the pair I have is like.. One year and six months old, and they are just for one year use, soo..  Gotta get some new ones, but I'll wait to order them until I'm in Sweden.

27 August 2011

Fireworks and meat coma

Today has been great, but I'm in such a meat coma I can't think straight.
What I did was to go to the Sumida River Fireworks Show, and afterwards I ate Shabu Shabu.

Hoards of people waiting for their turn to watch the fireworks.

Kirin City in Ikebukuro!

First time I ate Shabu Shabu!

In total we ate 20 plates of meat. No kidding.