30 August 2011

Fall wants from F21

Surprisingly enough, the brand that has grown the most on me while living in Japan is not a japanese brand, but an american! Forever21 doesn't have stores in Sweden, and the shipping costs are crazy, so I never really experienced F21 until moving here, and it quickly became a place were I did alot of my shopping. Unlike other overseas brands(like H&M), F21 is still reasonably priced and have a lot of simple, cheap and cute pieces to put together.

Fall is coming up, so I decided to make some collages of things I wouldn't mind wearing!

One other thing I'd add, is loads of dark green stuff. I've been completly obsessed with that color lately, but I have yet to find some nice things sporting it.

Doing this reminded me I need to go by F21 someday before leaving.. Just about 2 weeks left now!


  1. Love Forever21! It's like one of the closes stores that sells clothes that looks somewhat japanese-ish

  2. De har snackats om att F21 kanske ska komma till Sverige! Hoppas som fan!!! Typ min fav butik med! D:

    Men shit måste jag säga den där väskan! O: Skit snygg!!! KÖP!