21 August 2011

Fika at Madam Blå

A couple of times when we've gone on day trips to places like Disney or Aquariums, we've transfered at Tokyo station. Almost everytime we walk past this little café called "Madam Blå", but we never had time to find out what it really was, and why it had a swedish-sounding name.

When we went to Disney last week, for once we had time to go get some coffee there!
Turned out it was a Danish/Scandinavian café, with some classic Scandinavian meals!
We didn't have time to actually eat there, but saw in the menu that they had crisp bread, different scandinavian salmon dishes etc. And the coffee they used was Swedish!
On the pricey side though, so I guess I'll resist swedish food until I go back.

Scandinavian kitchen vibes.

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