28 August 2011

Yesterdays outfit

I really really really wanted to be able to wear a Yukata when going to the fireworks, but unfortunatly grown up things like paying the gas bill came up, and set a stop for buying something I'd only wear pretty much once, so I went in my normal clothes.

Woo, censor! The lower part of my face had a life on its own..
Top(actually a dress): Random shop in Nakano Sun Mall
Skirt: Honeys(Sunshine City)
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Shimamura

I look angry in the picture, but I blame it on sunlight and slight stress, haha.
I don't really use circle lenses anymore, since the pair I have is like.. One year and six months old, and they are just for one year use, soo..  Gotta get some new ones, but I'll wait to order them until I'm in Sweden.

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  1. åh din outfit! särskilt toppen och skorna!