18 August 2011

Hallelulejah, blogger works again!

The guests left early this morning, and well, during their stay we watched 3 seasons of Friends. But we also went to Disney Sea, which is always awesome! No pictures from that since well, I've posted a bunch of that already since previous visists.

Instead, here's a few things I've bought recently.

Oh man I love these shoes. Shimamuras Sorridere shoes is the BEST. SO comfortable!

Corduroy shorts I've been oogling lately.

Although it's shorts, it's actually autumn shopping. I'm trying to buy some bits and pieces before my return to Sweden since I anticipate winter clothes to be in the stores when I get back. And also because it's easier to find good stuff here, haha.

Kind of messed up with the shorts though, just grabbed the corduroy shorts in what I thought was my ordinary size, but tried on the red ones and realised, I'm a size smaller than before! Of course I forgot to change the corduroy ones for a smaller size..  I like the baggier look on the corduroy ones, tho. 
Was really surprised, seeing how I haven't been dieting or anything. I guess it's because I'm not harrassing my psyche with the scale and the constant "I can't eat this! There's stuff in it!"

Showing just a little bit is my awesome Harry Potter t-shirt, that is awesome enough to get much more space on it's own, in a later post.

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