27 April 2010

It's short.

Ah, connected my blog to bloglovin', thought "why not?"

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24 April 2010


I'm having terrible hair-anxiety right now. I don't know what to do.
I managed to get a reddish brownish blonde, but it's quickly washing out (color just doesn't stick to my damaged hair), and I don't know what to do next. Thinking of laborating a bit more and perhaps finally get that shade of dirty blonde I want.

My guy actually bought his first brand yesterday(haha), a quite nifty tie-dyed scarf from Sword Fish, it's working great with his indie-style. At the same time I fell in love with a pair of clumpsy sandals they had, hopefully I'll go back for them today!
Perfection in heelform.

Bought the fantastic pink oversized cardigan I found at SPANK! , and been living in it ever since.
It's wonderful! It's warm when it's cold, it's cool when it's warm, it does hardly get wet when it rains.. The list could go on.
Cardigan and tuna of awesomeness.
Ginghamdress: Milk
Bag: Milk
Hat: Cheapass.

Beaten up ballerinas: Vagabond

Tonight we're going to a gig, my friend Malin's boyfriends band is playing, so we'll be there and.. cheer. (read:stand silently in a corner and then go out for drinks.)
I'm going to step right out of my style comfortzone, and go for a rockabilly/drapette style! Complete with wing eyeliner, red lips and something rauncy from Malins wardrobe!

19 April 2010

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Yesterday, me, Malin and Sabrina went for a sunday visit to Tokyo Sea Life Park.
I love everytime I get to go outside the yamanote and see some new things, so I was excited already on the trainride there. It's located about 15 minutes from Tokyo-station, with Keiyo line. (Station is called Kasai Rinkai Kouen)

The location is soo pretty, it's right by the bay! Lots and lots of water everywhere!
The aquariums speciality seemed to be Tuna since they hade huge tanks filled with nothing but enormous tuna, and you could even get your photo taken with a 2 meter big tuna! (made of plastic).
The day was filled with lots of fun! When we got back into town I met up with Martin and we ate a huuge meal at Shakeys!

Penguine Love!
They hade so many cute little penguines..

And Jelly Fish!
Before me going to Japan I had actually never seen a Jelly Fish!

15 April 2010

Future career in the blooming.

Met up with Ylva after school in Shinjuku, to eat Takoyaki.
Takoyaki eating extended to Udon eating, Purikura and shopping(for her).
I've somehow becomed blocked, I don't know what to buy.
I do know that I really want a lace hoodie I saw in a store the other day, it'd be perfect for summer since I don't like showing my arms~

Oh, I dyed my hair yesterday!
Heres a puri of doom to show it:
If you can't read it, it says:
Tentacle Pornstars
(Let's go eat Takoyaki!)

I made a short video of the Takoyaki since it was scary. I'll post it sometime.


Yesterday I went to Kouenji!
I've read a little about it, and from what I've gathered that's where the stuff is going down.
Atleast if youre into Mori, SPANK! and Second Hand.
I am, so it was great.
Seriously, every third meter came a new second hand store! Not all were good, of course, like 3/4 of the ones we got into just sold overpriced dirty clothing. One store even took the price with selling like seriously broken converse shoes for 15000yen!! Crazy times!
But there were a bunch of good ones too, and I fell so much in love with a pair of broken into old boots, but the cost was 10000yen so that'll stay a dream.

Also got my chance to go to Spank! I love gyaru, I really do, I love wearing liz lisa and looking sexy and all that, but god you can't take away my love for ridicilously pastelly clothing. So Spank is of course the best second hand store around for me! I was surprised that they weren't as expensive as I thought though. Still, I didn't buy anything, but I'm going back this weekend, and hopefully that lovely enormous pink cardigan is still there!

Made no buys though, surprisingly enough!
Except for one thing, out of dire need. I had been walking around in heels all day, my feet were in pain.
So, I found a pair of cute and SPARKLY ballerinas!

Made entirely out of like.. jelly.

14 April 2010


Second week of school and things are going.. well, good.
During this break I tried my best to speak japanese, no matter what the other person wanted to speak, haha. So it was easier going back to school.

So lately I've been running around.. Doing stuff. Small stuff.. Like Purikura with Malin!

And buying things, awesome things, like robot earrings, MILK dresses and pretty hats.. Like this one:

Next on my To Buy list is a new pair of circle lenses, the ones I have are no-prescription, so I barely use them since I can't see if I'm not wearing glasses, and I usually just only wear glasses when my eyes are hurting = Circlenses NG.

I'm gonna make someone install photoshop for me (I suck at installing things), and try to make a new layout, cause man, this one is an eyesore.

09 April 2010


Hectic days. Martin's father and brother came for a visit, so we ran around doing tourist-y things for a week.
We even went on a bustour! That included a rivercruise, it was sweet.

Also, school started and apart from some new people in the class nothing much changed, still have the same mentor (Oki-sensei), wich is swee-eet.

Supposed to go hanami yesterday but the weather and coward japanese people decided that it was too cold, so we experienced the japanese version of a house party instead.

Currently in quite a daze, been drinkin on two school nights in a row, have no money and desperately want a cancan-hat!
Hoping on Martin to solve it, haha.

Here, a picture of Tokyo Tower with some nice movement:

07 April 2010

drink of geniouses

another first day in school, this time theyve added Fanta 天才エネルギー(tensai energy/genious energy) in the schools vending machine〜

i feel the braincells speeding up!