24 April 2010


I'm having terrible hair-anxiety right now. I don't know what to do.
I managed to get a reddish brownish blonde, but it's quickly washing out (color just doesn't stick to my damaged hair), and I don't know what to do next. Thinking of laborating a bit more and perhaps finally get that shade of dirty blonde I want.

My guy actually bought his first brand yesterday(haha), a quite nifty tie-dyed scarf from Sword Fish, it's working great with his indie-style. At the same time I fell in love with a pair of clumpsy sandals they had, hopefully I'll go back for them today!
Perfection in heelform.

Bought the fantastic pink oversized cardigan I found at SPANK! , and been living in it ever since.
It's wonderful! It's warm when it's cold, it's cool when it's warm, it does hardly get wet when it rains.. The list could go on.
Cardigan and tuna of awesomeness.
Ginghamdress: Milk
Bag: Milk
Hat: Cheapass.

Beaten up ballerinas: Vagabond

Tonight we're going to a gig, my friend Malin's boyfriends band is playing, so we'll be there and.. cheer. (read:stand silently in a corner and then go out for drinks.)
I'm going to step right out of my style comfortzone, and go for a rockabilly/drapette style! Complete with wing eyeliner, red lips and something rauncy from Malins wardrobe!

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  1. Oh, cool ^^ Good luck with the rockabilly style!