28 June 2011

Scarfy scarves scarf

I have a profound fondness for scarves. However, I barely own any at all, which sucks.
But I had been eyeing one at a local shop for a couple of months, and while waiting for a friend in their cool airconditioned shop I saw it was still there, hidden behind a bunch of other scarves! Destiny I believed, and so I bought it!

Since it's brown, and that k ind of pattern is something that's always in style one way or another, I can't think of it as anything less than an awesome purchase.  (Oh and it's HUGE, so that's why there isn't a picture showing it off completly, I simply don't have room in my apartment to photograph it in all it's glory)

26 June 2011

Coffee and Cigarettes

Few things beats a late night Fika (Definition: Fika is both a Swedish verb and noun that roughly means "to drink coffee," usually accompanied by something sweet.) with a good friend.
And hey, I drink my coffee black nowadays!

Oh and the movie I stole the title from is recommended to watch.

25 June 2011

Tokyo Disney Sea Souvenirs

My friends Martin & Malin went to Tokyo Disney Sea with their school yesterday, unfortunatly I couldn't come with them, bills to pay, etc. But, all is good! They bought souvenirs!

The Aristocats figurine set is actually from Disney Resort Paris! Import and all that, wickeed! The child in me screams "OPEN IIT!" the adult collector in me says "Keep it mint condition!!". Decisions decisions. 
And a Duffy bear! Finally! Since I first set eye on the cuddly amazingness that is Duffy my heart has been crying for it, and now I got my very own, in the perfect size to attach to my bag and always have with me


23 June 2011

Summer and bows

So once again summer has arrived to Japan. Truthfully, it's the one time at the year that I really don't wanna live here. It's hot(30-45degrees celsius!), it's humid(through the roof!) and I don't understand how the japanese can survive it, and still look fresh. Whatever product they are using, y don't u share?!

Anyway, japanese summer means that I have my hair up, all the time. Not a day with my hair down, nono. My thin, fine scandinavian hair is not optimal for this weather, less than half an hour outside and it looks like I just showered.

But thank Cthulhu for asia and the abundance of pretty hair accessories!

21 June 2011

Korea shopping part 2

So, the clothing part of tbe Korea shopping. Mainly t-shirts, but I've been craving some new ones for so long. When it comes to t-shirts I mainly have baby pink ones with glitter on them, haha. Oh well, now I have some others!

Back of Vogue t-shirt.

Radiohead t-shirt! Get it, Radiohead?! *headdesk*
Best thing! Emerald dress, WIN.

20 June 2011

Korea shopping part 1

 Dividing it up in parts, instead of making a big post.

 First up, makeup!
Lipsticks from Etude House, they give a very sheer color, but smells wonderfully!

Nailpolishes, all from Missha. Incredibly cheap, but still amazing quality and color!

In Korea, shops says "Come in, and we'll shower you with gratitude and samples!"

19 June 2011

Back from Korea

So, on friday night I came back. It was a nice trip, and especially nice to meet some friends I haven't met since the eartquake!

I suck at doing touristy things when touristing, but I did see two statues, and went to Myeoung Dong(the tourist trap of Seoul).
The rest of the time was spent in Hongdae and Dongdaemun (recommended).
I won't write about it really, but if anyone has a question, just shoot!

Anyway, picturees(stuff I bought will be in another entry):

Mandatory wing-shot.

Travel company, Siouxsie and the Banshees

Amongst the malls/markets in Dongdaemun.

Completly legit restaurants.

Early morning in Hongdae.

Insanely true words in the menu of a Swedish-themed restaurant.

13 June 2011

Virus, travels and velvet pumps.

 So.. I've been quiet for a while. Biggest reason is the humongous virus my computer got that ate everything. Thankfully I managed to back everything up.. But still, stings a bit.
And the lesser one is that I'm going to South Korea tomorrow, but honestly that have nothing to do with me not blogging, since I haven't really started doing anything yet. I've written a list though! (If you got advice on what to do during a 4day trip to S Korea, please do tell).

Annyway, omg, shoes! Were looking at snaps the other day and this girl was wearing velvet platform pumps and my mind went "WANT!". And wouldn't you know, I found a pair just yesterday! 1890yen from Shimamura, I LOVE THEM.

07 June 2011

New nail polish

Bought a new nail polish yesterday, from Canmake.. They really do great budget makeup, I have and love a lot of it, but.. Nail polish.. Nah. It took 5 coats to be kind of opaque, but it's still transparent in some parts..

06 June 2011

Sunday Chillin'

Cleaned up the area around the bed, put together a bookshelf, and gathered some ivy sticklings to put in a vase. Looking good!

Topped of with tea and Ghostbusters II.

05 June 2011

Bolts and screws

Found myself a new companion the other day at Claries, a new robot to add to the family!
This time in the form of a cellphone strap.

04 June 2011

Study time

Ylva exclaimed the other day that she needed a study buddy, and well, since graduation my japanese has been pretty much unused. So today we + Malin met up at Jonathans for some seriouz studying.

Family Restaurants are great for studying, the tables are often large, + for a small fee you can get "drinkbar" wich is basically all you can drink for as long as you stay. 
Serious cake!

Cute coffee cups, they were all sea-themed.

Seriouz study Ylva. Unlike me, she was dressed to impress, as usual!

03 June 2011

Nakano Nakano Nakano Nakano

 Decided to try and be a bit more active, not blogwise necessarily but more.. life.. wise..
So I went to Nakano today with Malin, and was later joined with Martin.
Nakano is, really, a great place. Cozy atmosphere and so much different things. Clothes for all tastes (second hand shops, brand shops, military shops, etc etc), nerdy stuff, music(one of my favorite music shops is in Nakano, called Mekkano, there they have electronic music from all over the world), and much much more. When you're finished shopping it's also filled to the brim with bars, izakayas, host clubs, well, anything really.

Anyway! Did some shopping at my favorite places, and as usual I wasn't let down! Three dresses and a skirt for 2000yen alltogether!
Here's some of it.
Mint/White jersey dress. 500yen! Whaat.

From Claires, but still.

And todays outfit with an awkward pose!

And if anyone has some trick to make your shoulders NOT appear a mile wide in pictures, please do tell! (No seriously, my shoulders= WIDE. I look like superman when I don't balance it out with clothing/angles)

01 June 2011

Gettin ma nerd on.

Looking at this picture I realize how much a pair of circle lenses actually does for your look. It's my usual makeup, but without the lenses it doesn't look at all as extravagant.

Anyway, it isn't about the makeup anyway, it's about the hair! Trying, as usual to do something about it, but I have to say that this time I kinda like it. It maybe isn't the style I was aiming for, but, regardless, it's something else than straight hair! 

(My roomies dekame btw, I was psyched he bought them, means I don't have to buy any myself, haha)

If you have any tips on what to do with .. hair. Please do tell, I don't know anything, haha.