28 June 2011

Scarfy scarves scarf

I have a profound fondness for scarves. However, I barely own any at all, which sucks.
But I had been eyeing one at a local shop for a couple of months, and while waiting for a friend in their cool airconditioned shop I saw it was still there, hidden behind a bunch of other scarves! Destiny I believed, and so I bought it!

Since it's brown, and that k ind of pattern is something that's always in style one way or another, I can't think of it as anything less than an awesome purchase.  (Oh and it's HUGE, so that's why there isn't a picture showing it off completly, I simply don't have room in my apartment to photograph it in all it's glory)

1 comment:

  1. The scarf is so beautiful, I want one in that color too!