31 August 2010

Oh, well. What's a royal ball?

I'm not really into deco.
I mean, I love it, to bits! It's pretty, and I really wish I did it!
But I don't really have any space to do so, or the money, even though it's cheaper in Japan to buy the parts compared to importing it, you can't eat beads (your tummy would be upset!), so hence I my priorities are other things.

However, that's why I'm so happy anytime I find something that can spiff things upp easier!
My PSP was looking dull, and when looking in a 100yen shop I found this "safety sticker"~~

It peels off easily, so I won't have to worry about it leaving marks (not that I do, I had it covered in glittery note stickers before this, lol).
Unfortunatly the front part couldn't be used, the stickers are made for PSP2000 and I have PSP3000 :/

28 August 2010

Extension!! (Not the hairy kind!)

So, Good news!
I've applied for another 6 months of studying at ISI! That means that I will stay in Tokyo until April 2011! As everyone else, my heart said "omgdon'tleavetokyo!".
I wish I could have applied for another year, and then continue into university, but alas, it's impossible.
As before mentioned, in sweden we have CSN(central study bureau), where you can loan money for studies, and also get benefits.(Wich means families don't make college funds) That is if you have completed upper secondary school, wich I haven't. I dropped out on the second time I did the first year. Haha.
So the plan is to go back to Sweden, get the grades I need, and come back to Japan. All expenses paid! (With low interest!)
The whole reason I was able to go here in the first place was that my grandfather unfortunatly passed away and left some money, and my mother decided that she wanted to use her share of the money to help my dream. I'm forever grateful for that.

As the money from grandpa was budgeted to last for a year, I'll be living very spartanly the extra six months, and I'm looking into details about Shopping Services, and am also clearing out my closet for future sales! Keep an eye out for that!
It'll be hectic, school, trying to find a part time job, and possibly try to run a shopping service, haha.

So, perhaps personal posts of this kind is kinda boring?

22 August 2010

I need a camera..

And, tadaah! My new bag! Not looking much, maybe (all because of sucky cellphone camera, I promise!). But it's GREAT. It's huge enough to fit in all my school stuff + more! It's a bit bigger than an a4 paper, and very deep. And, it has 10, count em' 10! outer pockets! I'm a pocket-o-holic so that's wonderful junk for me! Also, it has a detachable shoulderstrap, wich is really handy! The bambi is kinda a spacefiller. It doesn't feel right for the bag though, but I'm gonna go to 109 and Harajuki this week I believe, so maybe I'll find something! (I'm really thinking about getting a ridicilously huge furry tail to put on it, it'd look great).

So many poockeeetsss

Also, finally bought the October issue of PopSister! Been eyeing it a while, but today I just simply couldn't resist! I'm really rolling towards that style, and this issue had some nice tutorials for my length of hair(gotta love that Tsubasa Masukawa has short hair!).

Crappy cellphone pics of the tutorial pages! :D

Really love the one on the left bottom of the
right side(Blue with white dots shirt), it's really nice.

A korean tourist came up to me and my male friend and told us we were beautiful people and wanted to take a picture with us, we agreed, and when he told us he was korean I took the chance to demonstrate my mad korean skillz by saying "Annyou!"(spellcheck?) wich means hello in korean. Ah, I'm a multilingual genious! (no, not really)

21 August 2010


I'm back to my normal non-yellow skintone!
So, today onwards, makeup is being uuused yeaaah!
Eh. Anyway, the point being that I'm pepped about making an effort now,
so expect pictures and stuff and.. stuff.

Bought a bag today, I'll let you all dangle in suspense for pictures till tomorrow.

Oh, and a tip. Don't waste time/money on Mr.Donut!
Never been disappointed at sweets before this.
Looks good, tastes.. Nothing.
(This applies to the one in Higashi-Ikebukuro, next to Closet Child)

11 August 2010

Life as a banana

Well, no problemos!
The doctor I first saw was sure that because I was yellow (yes, like a canary), that I suffered from, Jaundice, and overlooked the other health issues I had. So I had to travel by car for 3 hours there and 3 hours back to a bigger hospital, be sat in an infection-cell(because Hepatitis is kinda contagious.) and there they find out I have the kissing disease. Oh Merry Christmas, Swedish health-system! Oh well, easy mistake. It's really rare that you turn yellow by kissing disease, but my liver was feeling sad and underappreciated so it felt it needed to do something drastic for me to care about it.

Anyway, long story short, going back to Tokyo tomorrow, and no party pics for a while, cause I can't drink! Life sucks sometimes, but let's be happy anyway!

And I'm not that yellow anymore! I'm starting to be more in the shade of milked out eggnog!

07 August 2010


I'm really sorry for not updating for quite a while. But it's my summer break, I'm in Sweden for the first time in 10 Months, and I'm also super sick. I've done some testes but they all came back negative, but the only definite thing is that my liver have had better days. Today is the first day in a week that I've been able to eat solid food and keep it. I'm generally starting to feel better, especially after the tests coming back negative, were some serious stuff I was tested for, phew.

As it looks now, I'm going back to Japan on Thursday just like planned,
but on Monday I'm visiting a big hospital to find out more.