30 March 2010

Oh pictures!

Went a quickie to shibuya today, bought a new pair of shoes! (again? So soon? Almost back in my old habits..) They were too comfortable and pretty to turn down. And way too cheap!
Showing them tomorrow!

But, onto pictures of todays outfit!
(Please ignore weird face, pose and flash.)
Did wear jacket and stuff, but not pictured.
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Dress: MonoSick
Bag and bagcharm: Liz Lisa
Bling: Vivienne Westwood

And the face!

What the pictures doesn't show is how PURPLE my hair is right now.
So, let that be a lesson. Don't have scandinavian platinum-bleached hair, and try to go to a more natural blonde with asian haircolors.. At home. Huhu.

29 March 2010

Oh hello! Shopping!

Currently in the midst of brainstorming about the blog. You know, layout, graphic profile etc. I'm supposed to know this stuff, I went to design school for christ sake!
But right now I have no photoshop or anything, my skillz with it isn't too good anyway. But I'm working on it. Beware for the changes!

Had a bit more money than usual these last few days, and they are now all successfully gone thanks to shopping!
I can't for my life take any good pics of the stuff I bought, but they'll show up sooner or later in outfit pictures and my pupe. Keywords is as always pink, lace & Liz Lisa. But this time there's a newcomer! Forever21! Surprise!
Never really been interested in that store, since, well, it feels a bit too dark and rocky for my taste. Went there the other day with my friend Malin, and found a lace vest, a camisole/dress and some kicking heels. All in pink. Monotone in a colorful way. Or something.

Insane amounts of love on these ones. So high though.

Also managed to fit in a wedding party this weekend! Amanda and her husband Ken got married last year, but they didn't have a party or anything until now, that unfortunatly also was their goodbye party, since they are moving to Sweden.

Umm. Lost track of what I was writing now.
Other things, in short:
  • Went for a darker blonde hair, now purple haired. (wtf?)
  • Starting a diet as of today(diet pact, to be specific)
  • Ghibli-museum, what, when, where?

26 March 2010

Sakura madness

Went to Ikebukuro for a bit today, were going to see Cult Fiction at Cyber, but we made it just for the last song..

Went to starbucks, where they were having Sakura-craze(as.. all other japan..).. The sakura frappucino was delicious!

24 March 2010

goodbye platinum days

Sitting with the dye in my hair.. its looking awfully dark so far.. ('〜`;)

23 March 2010

Pretty new dress!
We have an awesome shop here in mejiro where you can find so much goodies ☆

17 March 2010

Emergencys and hospital

Ah, this week.

I'm sorry for bad updates, but term finals were coming up, and my good friend Malin had to be rushed to the hospital this Monday morning, because of some kind of back failure. Monday was spent with her from 07.00 till about 21.00 at the hospital, Tuesday we walked straight to the hospital after school and stayed till they forced us to go, and today me and Martin took the day off to keep her company at the hospital. They have yet to find the cause..

About hospitals in Japan:
Make sure that you have an insurance that covers you while abroad. Really.
In sweden we are used to not get to know the price of a hospital stay because our insurance covers everything(and till your 18 it's completly free). So it was quite a shock finding out that a MRI was 30.000yen(~2400SEK), and to stay at the hospital costed 21.000yen/night(1600SEK/night). Thankfully the insurance she took especially for her year in japan covers it all.
Some simple math:
MRI's and other x-rays x 5 = 150.000yen
Approx. nights at the hospital (7) = 147 000yen
Meaning: ~297.000yen (23.200sek) as total. Insane.

And that's just x-rays and her bed. Blood samples, other tests etc etc. It quickly adds up. I'm certain there is a bill for the ambulance, too.
I was actually thinking of skipping this insurance, but now I'm so happy that I did take it, just in case.

In sweden we have goverment run hospital, so seeing a private japanese hospital is quite a change. I would say the service is kind of the same, though. Just in a fancier package.

I'm gonna go shopping sometime soon. I'll post something happy about that then <3