31 August 2011

Keeping my mood up... with kittens!

The departure date is getting closer everyday, and with it comes mixed feelings. I love Japan, this is where I want to be. Naturally, that means I'm plenty upset about leaving. And while I dislike Sweden in so many ways, there'll be good things about it too. Both Japan and Sweden have their pros and cons, so I guess it'll all be good in the end.
I'm trying my best to keep my spirits high about leaving, by thinking about all the bad things about Japan(cockroaches! humidity!), and things in Sweden I look forward to.

So here's a small list of what I'm longing for about Sweden!

1 Food
Of course, swedish food is something I've been craving ever since I left. While teriyaki, sushi, onigiri and ramen is all very delicious, there's just something about the food you've eaten since you were a child, right?  I'm preparing mentally for a weight gain of about 5-10kgs when I come to sweden.. (No, not really! Haha)

2 Friends and family
Allthough my friends are sparse but amazing, and my family small and complex, I miss them all, and it will be one of the best things about returning! Being the "runaway" on my "special adventure"(i.e omg I lived in Tokyo!), homesickness haven't been a top priority of mine, but I know how much my mother and father have missed me, so being able to see them again is going to be fantastic!

3 Fresh air and amazing tap water
When I lived in Uppsala(Swedens 4th biggest city), I complained a bit about the air, that was rather dirty compared to my hometowns. After living in Tokyo for 2 years, I'm thinking my lungs will burst by the clean air! Also, I hardly ever drink tap water in Japan(omg the chlorine taste!!), so being able to drink the tap water at my mums house, that goes from a spring in a neighbouring mountain(yes it's THAT village-y!), will be like drinking tears of angels, I believe.

4 Kitties
Cats are my favorite animal, hands down. I haven't had a cat for 4 years now! And although Japan is filled with cats, they are all very scared, and unlike japanese people, doesn't approach you for a snuggle. And the cats at the cat cafés I've visited are rather .. uninterested in humans.  My mom got a cat lady right after I left for Japan, and this spring she got kittens! Although I didn't get to actually be there, my mom uploaded pictures everyday for me to see their growth! Kittiekittie!

These are the two I'll get! I'll either take them both, or just one.. Or none, depending on what kind of apartment I get..

I might make a list of what I wont miss with Japan, for my own sake. It could be good looking at it when it feels too hard.

30 August 2011

Fall wants from F21

Surprisingly enough, the brand that has grown the most on me while living in Japan is not a japanese brand, but an american! Forever21 doesn't have stores in Sweden, and the shipping costs are crazy, so I never really experienced F21 until moving here, and it quickly became a place were I did alot of my shopping. Unlike other overseas brands(like H&M), F21 is still reasonably priced and have a lot of simple, cheap and cute pieces to put together.

Fall is coming up, so I decided to make some collages of things I wouldn't mind wearing!

One other thing I'd add, is loads of dark green stuff. I've been completly obsessed with that color lately, but I have yet to find some nice things sporting it.

Doing this reminded me I need to go by F21 someday before leaving.. Just about 2 weeks left now!

29 August 2011

New notebooks and small towns.

Even though I don't go to school at the moment, I bought two new notebooks the other day! They're so pretty, and were just 100yen/each, so how could I resist?

Vintage labels and old maps!

And yesterday I somehow found myself at a concert. Upon arrival I found out that the bassist of the band we were there to see works at my konbini. The levels of embarrassment/surprise is through the roof! That man has seen me buy chocolate in the middle of the night, in my pajama, without makeup. Dancing, superdrunk, sick, dressed as a goth, etc etc. And now suddenly he was a real person, in a band that I was about to see. The situation was rather awkward, but he turned out to be a really cool guy, and his band really good!
Luckily for me, when people heard that he worked at "My konbini" at the after party, he was the one being bullied, not me.
Tokyo is indeed a small town, sometimes.

28 August 2011

Yesterdays outfit

I really really really wanted to be able to wear a Yukata when going to the fireworks, but unfortunatly grown up things like paying the gas bill came up, and set a stop for buying something I'd only wear pretty much once, so I went in my normal clothes.

Woo, censor! The lower part of my face had a life on its own..
Top(actually a dress): Random shop in Nakano Sun Mall
Skirt: Honeys(Sunshine City)
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Shimamura

I look angry in the picture, but I blame it on sunlight and slight stress, haha.
I don't really use circle lenses anymore, since the pair I have is like.. One year and six months old, and they are just for one year use, soo..  Gotta get some new ones, but I'll wait to order them until I'm in Sweden.

27 August 2011

Fireworks and meat coma

Today has been great, but I'm in such a meat coma I can't think straight.
What I did was to go to the Sumida River Fireworks Show, and afterwards I ate Shabu Shabu.

Hoards of people waiting for their turn to watch the fireworks.

Kirin City in Ikebukuro!

First time I ate Shabu Shabu!

In total we ate 20 plates of meat. No kidding.

25 August 2011

These legs are tired.

Exciting times! After a long time of social withdrawal, I actually went out and met some friends today!
Met up a friend who stopped by Tokyo for a day on her way home to Korea after a very eventfult eurotrip, and in lack of better wording, it was truly delightful to be out and about!
I can't really remember the last time I actually carried a conversation in Japanese, even though I live here. Terrible, I know.

Long time, no purikura!

First time I took purikura without the "bihaku"(beautiful white) setting, I didn't see which level they put it on so I was kind of afraid it would be the level that adds a fake tan, haha.

21 August 2011

Fika at Madam Blå

A couple of times when we've gone on day trips to places like Disney or Aquariums, we've transfered at Tokyo station. Almost everytime we walk past this little café called "Madam Blå", but we never had time to find out what it really was, and why it had a swedish-sounding name.

When we went to Disney last week, for once we had time to go get some coffee there!
Turned out it was a Danish/Scandinavian café, with some classic Scandinavian meals!
We didn't have time to actually eat there, but saw in the menu that they had crisp bread, different scandinavian salmon dishes etc. And the coffee they used was Swedish!
On the pricey side though, so I guess I'll resist swedish food until I go back.

Scandinavian kitchen vibes.

18 August 2011

Hallelulejah, blogger works again!

The guests left early this morning, and well, during their stay we watched 3 seasons of Friends. But we also went to Disney Sea, which is always awesome! No pictures from that since well, I've posted a bunch of that already since previous visists.

Instead, here's a few things I've bought recently.

Oh man I love these shoes. Shimamuras Sorridere shoes is the BEST. SO comfortable!

Corduroy shorts I've been oogling lately.

Although it's shorts, it's actually autumn shopping. I'm trying to buy some bits and pieces before my return to Sweden since I anticipate winter clothes to be in the stores when I get back. And also because it's easier to find good stuff here, haha.

Kind of messed up with the shorts though, just grabbed the corduroy shorts in what I thought was my ordinary size, but tried on the red ones and realised, I'm a size smaller than before! Of course I forgot to change the corduroy ones for a smaller size..  I like the baggier look on the corduroy ones, tho. 
Was really surprised, seeing how I haven't been dieting or anything. I guess it's because I'm not harrassing my psyche with the scale and the constant "I can't eat this! There's stuff in it!"

Showing just a little bit is my awesome Harry Potter t-shirt, that is awesome enough to get much more space on it's own, in a later post.

10 August 2011


It's been decided upon for a while, but I didn't want to write it here until the ticket was booked, since I figured that'd be final.
On the 15th of September I'll be moving back to Sweden.
Booking the plane ticket was terrible. Even though I'll be going back to Sweden to fix things in order to go to a japanese university, it still feels terrible, seeing how it'll take atleast 2 years until I can come back here. (edit: 2 years, because I need to finish school in Sweden)

I've been living in Japan for two years(heading to sweden about a week before the two year anniversary), I've grown into an adult here, I've been living my lifelong dream. Tokyo life isn't all roses, but it's what I've always wanted.

In Sweden I will live with my mother(at first), which is wonderful, to hang out with mom and stuff. Only problem is that she lives in a village up north, population about 30people(all 50+). Nearest friend will be 500km's away. So.. going to that, from Tokyo will be rough.

In other news, I said I'd to what a 15year old does, while my friends little sister is here, and that seemingly is to sleep until 5 everyday. Gonna try and adult it up and get us up earlier from now on!

04 August 2011

Flowery nails

Lacking in better things to do, I stumbled off to the 100yen shop the other day to buy some nail art brushes and try to make my nails nifty.
I think it went quite well, considering it was my first try and all!

03 August 2011

Oh my, is that the time?

For a very long time now, I've been on the hunt for a wristwatch. I've been very peculiar about what kind of watch I wanted, so it took it's sweet time.
But tonight I found it when going to the 100yen shop! (I have the habit to look into every shop that displays watches), and alas, it became mine for just 1050yen!
It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's the closest I've found so far! 

02 August 2011

Badass cat

Life is uneventful right now. We're tidying up the apartment since the roomies little sister is coming here this week. So from friday and two weeks forward I'll probably jerk around doing stuff that 15year old girls do on vacation in Tokyo, it'll be exciting!

Not a fan of textbased updates, so here's a picture of a cat from this morning. Tokyo cats are such badasses.