28 January 2012


All ladies(or well, most) loves perfumes, and I'm no exception.
Though, my mum is hypersensitive to smells, so I've never really gotten into actually using them. I remember nagging her for a raspberry scented EdT when I was a kid, and when she finally caved in she got this huge asthma attack because of it. Ow.
That doesn't mean I don't buy some though! And I try to remember using them as often as I can.

These are my favorite ones, and really the only ones I own haha.

1. Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir EdP
It's so heavy but so wonderful! I only use it during winter though. 
Me and a friend found it in one of the fancy drugstores along omotesando, for a super discount price! 2500yen! It usually goes for 50€ or something, so it was a real thrift haha. 

2. Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely EdP
The first perfume I ever loved! Celebrity scents are usually.. Not.. a favorite of mine, but this one smells so lovely of flowers that I can't help myself!
It's a very light scent, but it lasts for so long~

3. Lily of the valley solid perfume
Lily of the valley has always been my favorite flower, and I've searched for such a perfume for ages, so imagine my joy when I found this over at Loft a couple of years ago! It smells a 100% like lily of the valley! The best thing about solid perfumes are that they last forever, I think I bought this in summer 2010 or something, and you can barely see the bottom, and there's been no changes in neither texture, color nor smell. And at 800yen that's just awesome.
This is also the only one of my perfumes my mum can stand, so it's the one I currently use..

26 January 2012

New layout and lampy goodness

As usual my layout is a bit ever changing and nonconstant, but I think this'll do good for a while! It's simple, it's orange (?!) and it has one of the giraffe studs I bought a couple of months ago featured, haha!
I'm truly lost when it comes to layouts nowadays, everyone have so pretty ones, and I just can't come up with anything..
I didn't do it though, the credit all boils down to my ex-roomie that I bribed with liquorice.

Went to the Republic of Jämtland the other day, and saw my grandma! She surprised me with this really pretty lamp, saying she had promised me it before.. I have no recollection of it whatsoever, but hey, it's a really nice lamp!

In Sweden there's some craze going on about Castor Oil, which has made it sell out in nearly every drug store, and of course I had to jump on the bandwagon! Long, thick hair? Yes please! It's only what I've longed for ever since I made the bad decision chop of my navel lenght red hair and get an orange shingle bob eons ago.
An aquintance wrote about it on facebook and claimed her hair had grew 2centimeters in 2 weeks! When I looked up some blogs wsriting about it, everybody had gotten such nice results in just a matter of weeks, or months.
I used it for the first time tonight, so hopefully by this time next month I'll have some results~

25 January 2012

Northern lights!

Thanks to the solar storm the other day, we had some Northern Lights!
I was surprised to be able to photograph it with my digicam! 
They did of course not turn out as great as the ones you usually see, but, anyway, I'm happy with them!

One of the few nice things about living in Sweden is the possibility to see this, haha.
Did you know that if you whistle during northern lights, it becomes more intense?
It's not scientifically proven though, pretty much nothing about it is, except for "Hey, they're like, moving and stuff".

24 January 2012

Kitty kitty

Short nonsensical post about my totally awesome new t-shirt! Kitty face! Kitty kitty kitty!

Ps: I got a new header too! 

03 January 2012

300th entry and Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone, I hope your new years eve was awesome!

The days leading up to new years eve was amazing, I visited the town I grew up in and got to meet my chums again! It's been over 2 years ago since I last met most of them!
But that's what's great, even though we haven't met, or even stayed in regular contact, we all just met up and it was like we were in high school again.

For new years me and Zara(who visisted me last winter), went down to visit another friend and celebrate new years together!
Of what I can remember it was a lot of fun, haha.

Anyway, this was what I looked like!
It was a house party(i.e: I didn't really feel like whippin' out the ball gown), so I might not look as fancy as most people did on NYE haha.

On monday school starts, and I haven't gotten hold of the books yet, ahh.

Annnd! As the title told, this is the 300th entry I made on this blog! Woh!