29 September 2010


Went to Harajuku today with my friend Malin, and.. shopped! Woo!
Long time no see! (Not shopping like this, atleast).
Also bought a Liz Lisa lucky pack with amazing things, but the clothing'll be shown later on.
Anyway, on to thaa loooot!

Finally got myself a new perfume!
I actually didn't think I'd like this perfume, but when smelling it it..
just feels so right! It's the perfect mix of mature and young,
sexy and flowery~~

Brooch for my bag, but I think it'll go on a cardigan instead~

Simple and beautiful, rose and pearls *-*

With my darker style, studded braclets have been my number one boom, haha

Eiffeltower loove!
I've become crazy about all these eiffeltowers everywhere~

28 September 2010

Music & Anniversary

So, I don't do alot of posts about music here, I know. Kinda keeping it fashion and materialistic.
But, I'm silly happy about my guilty pleasure!
My usual music goes along the lines of glamrock, electro, french yeye(samples: Bowie, Ladyhawke, Fever Ray, France Gall) and that sorta stuff.

But, guilty pleasures, ahoy!

My Chemical Romance is about to start releasing something new and grand, and it gives me happy happy happy feelings! I have great memories of MCR, me and my best friend used to be huge MCR nerds, and went down to Stockholm to see them live the 8th April 2006, wich also marks the date for the first time I met both Martin and Malin, now both very good friends of mine, and the ones I went to Japan with! Half a year later, me and my best friend went down to Malmö to see them again on the 9th April 2007. It took two days(42hours) in a bus, each way. It was crazy, but a wonderful memory.

It's a meaningful band for me, so them making something new (and awesome!) is.. great, really!

In other news, today marks the day for my being in Japan for exactly one year!
So we're planning to go out and eat something nice for our anniversary :D
(Not me and Japan, me Martin and Malin)

27 September 2010


Having a really lazy "it's raining cats and dogs outside dun wanna go out"-day, so here's the nails that's currently preventing me from being useful around the house!

26 September 2010

Love is in the air~~

So while everyone else is finding someone to cuddle in autumn, I'm buying shoes, haha.

And today I went to Shinjuku to spend some time with Ylva & Malin, good times indeed!

Looking sharp.. or not! XD Ylva is, though!

24 September 2010

Full day! Ueno zoo!

Ahh, today was awesome! Allthough the sky was filled with rain that just wanted to pour, it still was a very nice day at the zoo! Very cold, though.
We didn't walk through the whole zoo, since last time we were there we missed one half, and that's the half we took this time! Giraaffes! :D
Afterwards we went to Harajuku, took some purikura and I found the shoes of my dreams! Going back for them tomorrow I hope. And even after that off to Ikebukuro and some cheap Izakaya goodness. Aaaand I finally bought new fakenails! :D

Pictures in chronological order!

Mouses in the mini petting-zoo

Jackass penguins, no really it's their name!


Lizard ride! (who cares about hair when they're on a zoo??)



Fancy naaails!

23 September 2010

Too soon, monsoon

So today it's been raining like crazy! Wow, it started last night and it just kept going.
Hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow, otherwise Ueno Zoo will be canceled.. And I really wanted to see those giraffes(One of my favorite animals is giraffe).

Anyway! So, today we got up and went to Sunshine City(yet again. Love that place), and grocery shopping. And! We realized that taking a taxi from Ikebukuro to our apartment costs NOTHING, so for 400yen we got to ride in a car to our door. Amazing. Okay, 400yen is a sum, indeed, but a sum I'm willing to pay to NOT walk through a monsoon carrying heavy groceries for half an hour, yes.

Currently looking for new shoes, Japan is seriously eating shoes, so now I'm in a shoe withdrawal, I seriously have two pairs left, both sneakers(only one pair withstands water!). Not so fun!
So currently eyeing for a pair of nice belty boots, for rainy and cold days :D

But thanks to the cold weather I got to combine jeans+cap+scarf!
I love .. having clothes on, I'm not really fond over the warmer seasons where you barely can wear anything at all, so autumn/spring is the perfect season, since you don't have to look like the michelin guy, but neither have to look like Eve, haha.

21 September 2010


Sorry I've been slow lately.
Lotsa tests going on before autumnbreak, and I've spent all my time thinking about studying, but playing The Sims.
On Friday my school will go to Ueno Zoo, and that marks the last day of this term! (We have 3month terms)

Anyway, been shopping lately and I'm gonna post it all up, but till then here's an outfit picture featuring two new buys!

Military-ish t-shirt, Vence
Enormous tail, SunshineCity Alta

Found the t-shirt in Vence's eventstore "Vence Limited" in SunshineCity for just 500yen! That's nice! I love how it's made in a way that you can either pull it down and have a minidress or use it as a T-shirt, and it looks great both ways!
The tail is the love of my life right now, it's so soft and cuddly(substitutes for a pet right now), and is my most expensive buy recently, for 2500yen!

Anyway, todelo!

18 September 2010


So, finally my big hair-plan worked, after a couple of months of trying!
I'm now a brunette! (My milkytea hair was actually multiple dye mistakes)

Crazy hands are crazy

So, what do you think? :D
The SUPERLIGHTS in the puri booth makes it look lighter, it's darker IRL, but I'm anyway going to dye it again so it becomes darker(and less prone to become green 'cause my serious lack of red pigments).

Been going to Nakano alot lately! Or well, two times this last week, haha.
Anyway, I found a gold mine there, "Mode Off" (in Sunmall), it's a second hand shop with *gasp* reasonable prices! That's like, RARE in Japan! (or anywhere else!).
Bought a dress, hoodie and a prettipretti cardigan for just 1300yen. Alltogheter! Crazy, I know!
Also available in the store is a Vivienne Westwood bag for the whopping price of 6000yen.
If I didn't dislike that particular pattern I'd be on it in a heartbeat. Also found some different gyaru brands, like ANAP, Cecil Mcbee etc. And of course brands like Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu etc, all for very reasonable prices, and in top quality!
Love the place, check it out!

14 September 2010

2 in 1 day? What?!

With starting to post outfit pictures and.. Well, pictures of me, I realize what a crappy poser I am.
Kinda makes me wish that I had to a larger extent been a part of some kind of style (lolita, goth, cyber, or any other thing that takes a bucket load of pictures of themselves ever five seconds).
Anyhow, whilst trying to improve this style that I am heading for, I'll also try to improve my posing-skillz, so hopefully sometime soon I'll be able to look back at these pictures and laugh at my slouchy shoulders!

Any good youtube vids for learning to pose?

Flash and smoke, perfectly sums me up! Lol.
(I swear I don't live in my flanell!

When the sun went down it got cold and I put it on, haha)

Boots of awesome,
I got them(and 9 more pairs of shoes!) from a
friend who couldn't bring all her shoes back to homeland.

Oh snap!

As of today, actually, I decided that I should try more with my hair!
Since my hair is kinda short (shoulderlenght), and very very thin, I've never had the guts to do anything, because the kind of hairstyles I wanted is all for superlong and superthick hair!

However, I saw that donut buns are ... cool. So I decided to try it out! Lo and behold, I managed to make one!

Crappy webcam picture, yay!
You can kinda see it sneaking up there, no?
I'm gonna try make it higher the next time.

I actually never knew you used socks or big scrunchies to make this look, I always thought people just had amazingly thick hair, haha!

Going to be using it as a everyday style from now on, since it's still too hot for me too keep my hair down, I don't like when my hair becomes icky, + since my hair is thin it shows directly if it get's even the least bit wet(I'm a same, I can't handle heat well), with thicker hair you kinda get some time inbetween first sweat and before you look like you put your head in a greasepan, with thin hair, you get 0 seconds!

13 September 2010

Liz Lisa Autumn & Winter Mook 2010

Since I've been studying so well the last two days (all in all seven hours!), I decided to reward myself by buying Liz Lisa's Autumn & Winter Mook!
You got fluffy pink socks with Liz Lisa charms on them, too!
Ahh. Liz Lisa, you take my breath away.

Gonna go ahead and post some of the pictures from it up here,
but please, my camera is kinda old, and my hands are shaky.
I just wanted to take some pictures for you to see the general feel of the catalog.

Click on the pictures if you want them larger~

12 September 2010

Study Power!!

One of the things I've been the most angry at myself over, is the fact that I never study.
I never take the time. During this year, I've spent about 10 minutes all togheter, studying outside of school. (How I got this far is a complete mystery)

But! Today, me and Malin went to Doutor to study kanji, for an hour!
And when we got home, we kept studying for three hours more!
So all in all, I studied kanji for 4 hours and my hand hurts so bad, haha.

Pics or it didn't happen.

I'm so proud overmyself for this, and actually got adrenaline rushes from it, hahaha.

09 September 2010


Finally, it's starting to cool down! Today was under 30degrees, and I could use my flanell shirt without melting! Yaa! On the way home from school I was actually feeling a bit cold.. Hmm.

Oh, but, outfit picture ahooy.
I really need new bottoms! Love my flannel shirt!
(Yes I know the shorts are a bit off, but I really lack non-pink bottoms, haha)

Elections and pancakes

Yeah man! Went to the Swedish embassy to vote in the upcoming swedish election!
It was interesting going there, and quite fun to see the surprised looks on they who worked there's faces, when around 20 young swedes bursted in. We got to know that it was mainly just people coming one and one, or maybe two, so he was glad to see so many that was interested in the election, at the same time, haha.
It's only the second time I've ever voted, and this time they didn't have the ballots for my party, so I had to do it on a blank one. Oh, choosing color, making sure you don't accidentaly take another parties ballot.. Ah.. Oh well, I managed to!

This was also the first time I went to Roppongi, I've kind of been avoiding it.
After being there, I can't really say I've missed anything. Okay, was kinda cool seeing Konami's office!

Also, we were going to go to the Swedish theme restaurant "Lilla Dalarna", who had moved locations. Unfortunatly, they decided to move, and in the process make it less themed, and more ordinary. Before the move I've been told they had dalahorses and other swedish things all around the restaurant, but when walking in to the new location it just looked like.. a restaurant. So, we left.
And! I drank pancake! It was reaally good though! But, I got terribly stomachache after drinking it, so.. uh, be careful!

07 September 2010


I've decided that this month, my attendance will be 100% at school!
Go me! So I'll have some "room" for october when I'll start morning classes, haha.

Anyway, today after school I met up with Malin and we looked around Baba a bit,
went to Shimamura. It's a really good store, and everyone should visit it!
They are basically an outlet store, and carries a lot of cheap things. Bags for 1000yen, shoes for 2000yen, etc. Most things are 1000-2000yen! And it's nice looking things, so no crap!
I'm gonna go back there to buy a pair of boots I saw, and maybe a backpack.

However, my only shopping was a green/black checkered flannel shirt at uniqlo, me and malin bought the same style, but she got it in red. Will post pictures, planning to try making outfit photos.
Long time ago, and my style has changed since then!

Halfway through!
(Oh hai btw my camera works!)

02 September 2010

More.. school! Woo!

Went to loft today again, because of their AMAZING sticker department!
I want everything, and if I just bought everything I wanted, I'd come out like a really poor woman and with millions of stickers without a designated place!

Anyway, bought some stickers for my new notebook, and also some school supplies~

Sexy ladies! Woo~ No really, the bottom one I just love to pieces, there's a series of them and I just want them all. Seriously considering buying the nurse one in ULTRA SIZE and put it on the back of this. (Not completed yet!)

Dividers are one of the handiest things ever, and it just get's better with cute cat ones!
Also, they reminded me so much of
Marie &
Berlioz (and random gray kitty!)

Err, strange pencilcase picture, to show off my new pen!
It looks like an ordinary pen.. but..
It's a sharp pencil! And it has the weekdays written in french!

01 September 2010

Woooh school shopping!

One of the things I love the most in the whole world is stationary!
I have boxes and boxes and boxes filled with pens, notebooks and erasers and all other things stationary at my mothers house. In Japan , I'm trying to restrain myself since I don't have so much space.

But today was time for new stationary shopping! I've been wanting to get a new notebook wich I could decorate myself, and also a pencil case... And if you want easy, rather cheap and simple things to decorate, where do you go? MUJI, of course! :D

Brown binder + lined paper = new notebook!
And transparent plastic pencil case
All for the whopping price of 798yen!

I don't know what to do with the binder yet though, I'm going to Loft tomorrow to check out stickers. Seriously, if you're visiting japan and love stickers/stationary, make sure to visit both Loft and Tokyu Hands! They both have amazing stuff.