01 September 2010

Woooh school shopping!

One of the things I love the most in the whole world is stationary!
I have boxes and boxes and boxes filled with pens, notebooks and erasers and all other things stationary at my mothers house. In Japan , I'm trying to restrain myself since I don't have so much space.

But today was time for new stationary shopping! I've been wanting to get a new notebook wich I could decorate myself, and also a pencil case... And if you want easy, rather cheap and simple things to decorate, where do you go? MUJI, of course! :D

Brown binder + lined paper = new notebook!
And transparent plastic pencil case
All for the whopping price of 798yen!

I don't know what to do with the binder yet though, I'm going to Loft tomorrow to check out stickers. Seriously, if you're visiting japan and love stickers/stationary, make sure to visit both Loft and Tokyu Hands! They both have amazing stuff.

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