24 September 2010

Full day! Ueno zoo!

Ahh, today was awesome! Allthough the sky was filled with rain that just wanted to pour, it still was a very nice day at the zoo! Very cold, though.
We didn't walk through the whole zoo, since last time we were there we missed one half, and that's the half we took this time! Giraaffes! :D
Afterwards we went to Harajuku, took some purikura and I found the shoes of my dreams! Going back for them tomorrow I hope. And even after that off to Ikebukuro and some cheap Izakaya goodness. Aaaand I finally bought new fakenails! :D

Pictures in chronological order!

Mouses in the mini petting-zoo

Jackass penguins, no really it's their name!


Lizard ride! (who cares about hair when they're on a zoo??)



Fancy naaails!

1 comment:

  1. I've never been in that petting zoo part, now I really want to go and touch those mice haha!

    You look so cute in the puri photo! and those nails are very pretty^^