23 September 2010

Too soon, monsoon

So today it's been raining like crazy! Wow, it started last night and it just kept going.
Hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow, otherwise Ueno Zoo will be canceled.. And I really wanted to see those giraffes(One of my favorite animals is giraffe).

Anyway! So, today we got up and went to Sunshine City(yet again. Love that place), and grocery shopping. And! We realized that taking a taxi from Ikebukuro to our apartment costs NOTHING, so for 400yen we got to ride in a car to our door. Amazing. Okay, 400yen is a sum, indeed, but a sum I'm willing to pay to NOT walk through a monsoon carrying heavy groceries for half an hour, yes.

Currently looking for new shoes, Japan is seriously eating shoes, so now I'm in a shoe withdrawal, I seriously have two pairs left, both sneakers(only one pair withstands water!). Not so fun!
So currently eyeing for a pair of nice belty boots, for rainy and cold days :D

But thanks to the cold weather I got to combine jeans+cap+scarf!
I love .. having clothes on, I'm not really fond over the warmer seasons where you barely can wear anything at all, so autumn/spring is the perfect season, since you don't have to look like the michelin guy, but neither have to look like Eve, haha.


  1. Is it possible to get your shoes repaired by a cobbler? But thats so cool the taxi is so cheap, really it's amazing! To take the taxi from my apartment to the local station costs like 1000yen and it's only 3 blocks away!

    I really like your foxtail!

  2. Yeah, it's possible, the problem is that it's about 10 shoes, and it's the problem with "Wich pair?!?" because from what I've seen it's kinda expensive because of the damage, so just one pair is quite much :(

    I split it with my friend, so actually it was 800yen, but still, really nice! The taxameter didn't start tick until we were like around the corner from our house, haha!

    Thank you! :D