28 September 2010

Music & Anniversary

So, I don't do alot of posts about music here, I know. Kinda keeping it fashion and materialistic.
But, I'm silly happy about my guilty pleasure!
My usual music goes along the lines of glamrock, electro, french yeye(samples: Bowie, Ladyhawke, Fever Ray, France Gall) and that sorta stuff.

But, guilty pleasures, ahoy!

My Chemical Romance is about to start releasing something new and grand, and it gives me happy happy happy feelings! I have great memories of MCR, me and my best friend used to be huge MCR nerds, and went down to Stockholm to see them live the 8th April 2006, wich also marks the date for the first time I met both Martin and Malin, now both very good friends of mine, and the ones I went to Japan with! Half a year later, me and my best friend went down to Malmö to see them again on the 9th April 2007. It took two days(42hours) in a bus, each way. It was crazy, but a wonderful memory.

It's a meaningful band for me, so them making something new (and awesome!) is.. great, really!

In other news, today marks the day for my being in Japan for exactly one year!
So we're planning to go out and eat something nice for our anniversary :D
(Not me and Japan, me Martin and Malin)

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  1. Oh! Sorry for being late, but happy anniversary! ^^

    Japan didn't want to have anniversary dinner with you? :( So typical of Japan...