14 September 2010

Oh snap!

As of today, actually, I decided that I should try more with my hair!
Since my hair is kinda short (shoulderlenght), and very very thin, I've never had the guts to do anything, because the kind of hairstyles I wanted is all for superlong and superthick hair!

However, I saw that donut buns are ... cool. So I decided to try it out! Lo and behold, I managed to make one!

Crappy webcam picture, yay!
You can kinda see it sneaking up there, no?
I'm gonna try make it higher the next time.

I actually never knew you used socks or big scrunchies to make this look, I always thought people just had amazingly thick hair, haha!

Going to be using it as a everyday style from now on, since it's still too hot for me too keep my hair down, I don't like when my hair becomes icky, + since my hair is thin it shows directly if it get's even the least bit wet(I'm a same, I can't handle heat well), with thicker hair you kinda get some time inbetween first sweat and before you look like you put your head in a greasepan, with thin hair, you get 0 seconds!

1 comment:

  1. Tack för tipset med scrunchies! Trodde också att alla bara hade sådär supertjockt hår xD (Har också jättetunt hår!).