13 September 2010

Liz Lisa Autumn & Winter Mook 2010

Since I've been studying so well the last two days (all in all seven hours!), I decided to reward myself by buying Liz Lisa's Autumn & Winter Mook!
You got fluffy pink socks with Liz Lisa charms on them, too!
Ahh. Liz Lisa, you take my breath away.

Gonna go ahead and post some of the pictures from it up here,
but please, my camera is kinda old, and my hands are shaky.
I just wanted to take some pictures for you to see the general feel of the catalog.

Click on the pictures if you want them larger~

Just for the lulz!

Shopstaff pictures! Woo
(The staff are from mixed shops and mixed cities,
I list them after the city they are labeled as)



"My" Liz Lisa shop, in Ikebukuro Parco!
The top middle one is the nicest shopstaff in the entire world ;o;


  1. Smexy! *___* Gud vad jag älskar Liz Lisa!<3

  2. it's so cute~!! i was wondering if u're willing to do a shopping service to pick up one of these mooks for me and i'll pay u commission?? > u <" i've been looking all over for this!! please email me at lovearashix3(at)gmail(dot)com ~ thanks!!