30 October 2010


25 October 2010

hair, I has it.

24 October 2010

Rain rain rain

And now comes the rain. It's been so nice autumn weather for a while now, without the rain, but now it came, just like last year, and it's going to last till summer, atleast!

Anyway, the other day while midnight shopping at Donki I finally caved in and bought Dollywink lashes. I've been in need for new bottom lashes for a while, and after seeing them everywhere, on everyone, and reading all the positive reviews, I decided they could maybe be worth 1260yen!
I have yet to tried them on, though. Any opinions about the glue you get with it? I just use the one you get with Daiso's lashes, and Ardell's glue.

(Outdoor pic, just for the change!)

In other news:

I've been on a job interview! My first ever, actually! I sent the application in on a whim, not really expecting anything, but alas, they had answered with a wish for an interview within 10 minutes of my sending my application. I didn't expect that at all so I saw the mail too late, but they fixed a new interview for the following day. Extreme beginnersluck, I've been told(and understod!), but regardless I have a good feeling about it!

And I've finally gotten my extensions back in order. Nowadays I got long brown hair. Yeah!

15 October 2010

Mejiro Japanese Garden~~

Today I finally got to go to Mejiro Japanese Garden! It's like 2 minutes away from my apartment, but the opening hours are kinda wonky, but today after school I finally got to see it!
Despite what the size looks like from outside, it feels HUGE. I guess it's the landscaping..
Snapped a few pictures of it, though! (And autumn is finally coming!)

Whipped cream pouring like waterfalls!

You see how huge it looks?? And yet on the outside it's about 50m x 50m or something.

And with autumn comes my favorite thing in japan. Kairo!
We don't have these in sweden, but it's basically small bags with some kind of carbon in them, that when you rub it starts a reaction wich makes the bag really warm (about 50C). It's perfect in the cold months~
Bought a cute Minnie Mouse Kairo cover today at Seven Eleven~

13 October 2010

From now on

I will always be dressed to success, thanks to Jack!

10 October 2010

weekend timee

Ahh, nice weekend. Went to Current yesterday for an allnighter and it was a pretty good night.
Two of the bartenders have recently had their birthdays so they had a birthdayevent for them.
You can't really see it in the picture since(and because I hate myself in profile I didn't take any pics), but I had tousled the hair to have volume in the back~~ Kinda beehive style but not so much vertically.

Lookin' kinda rauncy.

And today I went out to eat and chill with some friends, with meeeeaaant, BERET UP!! WOO.

... Yeah, I've taken a big fancy for bathroomshots, haha.
But my mirror is so cleeaaan and spotless, I can't help myself!

08 October 2010


So, I've been thinking about deco for a long time now.
And, the otherday I finally did it!

My victim was my beaten up cellphone.

It's really simple, but I'm really proud over the outcome, especially since it's my first time!
The next day I deco'd my camera too, but since I used the same materials they are completly matching, so just think this deco on a camera, haha.

06 October 2010

Happy days

Had one of those ridicilous days with Malin yesterday.
You know, when you haven't really slept, woken up at seven, gone to school, fallen over at curryplace and then decide it's time to find a Parka. (Found a great one, btw!)
You always end up with strange purikura and matching berets.

This is actually a pretty accurate picture of how we look like in a car.
I always smile maniaclly and make thumbs up when riding a car.

Pannkaka(Pancake) is a swedish internetmeme based on this
Yum Yum Yummy.. well that's a crepeplace in Harajuku.

02 October 2010


Wah, had a great time yesterday.
Went with my friend Malin to meet her friend, a canadian guy!
I'm kinda scared meeting new people but he was actually one of those awesome people that you just feel comfortable with within a second!

Also made my first bowling appearance in years! Though it was only the 3rd time ever in my life that I did so. Made two strikes! Fell on my face once and threw the ball backwards once.
All in all, a success!

Aand cue for outfit picture.

Guess I should start trying to take them in the day!