29 November 2009

wooh, shibuyaa

Yesterday, I met up with Amanda in Shibuya!

I've been meaning to see her since I came here, but well, life just wont work the way you want sometimes :(

Anyway, i'm one of the few people that doesn't know where the Hachiko statue is. I've overlooked it -every- time I've been there! And we said to meet there.. So I asked another friend where the eff the statue was and she was "You see it fright from the exit". Piece of cake, I thought.

No. Cause yesterday, a freaking mob of japanese nazists decided it was a great idea to protest or whatever there. So first thing that meets me is crazy japanese people that says they hate me.

I did understand that they weren't saying "we love you foreigners, stay here for ever" so I avoided them.. I feel kinda bad for the tourists that were like "woah! something's going ooonnn yeaah! picture time! Here, quick, japanese nazi, take a picture of us!!".. >_<

after running around some time we went to hub.. chill, better than the one in takadanobaba, were there were NO people at all. Lousy table, icky men, but after a while it was aaall so worthwhile, hehe.

Disappointing as I always am, I chickened out before atom though.. Too bad because I really wanna go there ;o; But, next time!

Took purikura for the first time EVAR too. It was awesome. Amanda pwned me with the skillz. She decorated this one. Mine looked like. shit. yeah. "OH!! a bloody hand!! win! *pastes*"

28 November 2009


Okay, really :(

Bought the latest Ranzuki today, and they had so many shorter styles in it now..

But.. I can't freaking use a curling iron, I have NO idea how to work it.

I have the length and everything for this hairstyle, but .. gah..

Does anyone know a reaaaally good curling-irons for dummies tutorial?

I have a cordless, gaspowered one, that makes weird hissing sounds and stuff, but it should be good, I guess. It's braUn..


I want a joob..
I have my permit for a part-time job, but.. the rules!

"Pre-College students are not allowed to work at the places listed below.

Ex) dance clubs, night clubs, cafés/bars/restaurants with a brightness of 10-lux and under. A business related to gamble(mahjong, pachinko), billiard clubs, aesthetic salons, nude theaters, love hotels, adult goods shops, video/DVD rental shops, adult phone-chats, distribute flyers etc."

Really, what's the deal with Mahjong?

Haha, but no, I can understand most of them, but like. why not aesthetic salons? Isn't that hairsalons and stuff? And the light-limit? How do you do that? "I'd love to work here, but does your brightness exceed 10-lux?"

I love how our school ends the paper with rules with:
"We are sure your new life in Japan is so challenging and tough but you have your precious futures and dreams. School is always here to help and support you to reach your own goals in Japan"

27 November 2009

The bird goes tweet tweet

So, we did go to Harajuku in vain, but, well, it was fun anyway.
We checked out some randomstuff located off-Takeshita Doori, and went to eat.
When we were going home though, ahh.
We half-run up the stairs to the station, and saw our train standing there.
Thinking "ah, we wont make it anyway" we slowed down in the stairs.
When we got up, the doors were still open, but we thought "ah, we wont make it anyway", and stood still infront of the doors.
They never closed!
And to top it off, it was completly silent in the platform, and the train, and then the bird-sound started playing. Ahh, hysterics. We laughed until the next train came.

Seemingly, i went to harajuku in vain...
We were going to softbank to get our 6months discount on contract, but you had to call a number in order to get it. Only available in japanese. Great.

26 November 2009

Testing mail2blogger, feat. King of cats!

The man, the myth, the maverick!

Since I care, since I love, I must spread the word about..
The man, the myth the maverick
Singer of the band Anli Pollicino.
That's all for tonight, folks.

25 November 2009


I got a parcel from my mother today!
Random stuff, and a swedish magazine!
Ahaha, the happiness of reading of such interesting things like "wich relationship-type are you? Do the test!" "Tips for a happy sexlife, Oralsex guide!" and stuff.
Well, there was a crossword, so I had a happy few minutes with it.

23 November 2009

Picture post.. or something

So, I'm stealin Malins computer since she and Martin is doing their homework..
And her computer WORKS! yay!

Anyway.. Yesterday I went to Exist Trace's oneman live at Meguro RockMayKan, in Malins place. Her back is hurting really bad lately so I jumped in, so the ticket wouldn't be unused, and to buy her goods.
They kinda grew on me, I'm still sceptic to the singers voice, her voice really hurts my ears.. Too high..



Chupa chops x Hello Kitty x Popteen lollipop! Instawin!

My MaitoreiA chekis, I've got three of Riu! So happy ♥

At the railroadcrossing on the way to school. Sweet.

I'm a bit more dark, and hardcore as of lately. Or, not really, just pretending.

It's... alive!!

So, my computer decided about a month ago that, dying, that's a fun thing.
The computer I use now is.. questionable, at best, so that's why I haven't updated.

Anyway. for 58 days I've been living on this godforsaken islandin Japan, and well, things are smooth. Just recently I've been starting to noticing that we actually learn things in school, since I'm understanding things said to me.
I've even learned to notice when people are speaking to me, not just speaking in my direction(like shopstaff do)

The other day, we went on a classtrip! Good times, good times.

I dont know what to write.. it's hard to write on this thing..

As it looks, I'll soon have a new shiny computer (if you know a good one, please tell!), and a wicked camera(already found one), so i could make awesome picture posts.