29 November 2009

wooh, shibuyaa

Yesterday, I met up with Amanda in Shibuya!

I've been meaning to see her since I came here, but well, life just wont work the way you want sometimes :(

Anyway, i'm one of the few people that doesn't know where the Hachiko statue is. I've overlooked it -every- time I've been there! And we said to meet there.. So I asked another friend where the eff the statue was and she was "You see it fright from the exit". Piece of cake, I thought.

No. Cause yesterday, a freaking mob of japanese nazists decided it was a great idea to protest or whatever there. So first thing that meets me is crazy japanese people that says they hate me.

I did understand that they weren't saying "we love you foreigners, stay here for ever" so I avoided them.. I feel kinda bad for the tourists that were like "woah! something's going ooonnn yeaah! picture time! Here, quick, japanese nazi, take a picture of us!!".. >_<

after running around some time we went to hub.. chill, better than the one in takadanobaba, were there were NO people at all. Lousy table, icky men, but after a while it was aaall so worthwhile, hehe.

Disappointing as I always am, I chickened out before atom though.. Too bad because I really wanna go there ;o; But, next time!

Took purikura for the first time EVAR too. It was awesome. Amanda pwned me with the skillz. She decorated this one. Mine looked like. shit. yeah. "OH!! a bloody hand!! win! *pastes*"


  1. haha but i loved ur manga purikura XD <3

  2. Söt du är! :D
    Omg, racists D: I wish I could have been there to kick their asses!
    ...because, uh, yeah...I...so would...

    ...I'm a bad liar, sorry XD But fuck nazis!

  3. D8 skrek dem att de hatade utlänningar? XD

    /Joan 8D