03 December 2009

Rain, rain, rain..

Day started with me meeting up Josephine in Takadanobaba before school.
I've been sick for two days this week, so she offered to help me catch up with what we were doing~~
Even though the smoking room at Café New Yorker got crowded with 20-ish boys who were really noisy, I learned!

Were supposed to attend a free concert tonight, Sweet Madonna's oneman at Ikebukuro Cyber, but since my shoes decided that taking in whater like a broken ship was a very nice idea to do on the rainiest day in a while, I skipped it.

Bought some makeup, though! Brilliant!

I bought an EdT from Canmake! I've been eyeing and smelling this one for a while, and finally decided to go for it! It's.. awesome.. Sugar berries..

And some Majolica Majorca Powder! I've been desperate for new one,
and the container for this was so cute ;o;
Due to a misunderstanding I ended up buying this + a refill,
Since I didn't understand that it came with powder inside..


Details details details



  1. Det är säkert till för alla koreaner!

  2. What ya saying girl!!!! *glares at Billy*
    AHahhah so funny though!XD

    Oh talking about koreans, Emelie can you keep your eyes open for Big Bang stuff for me? Oh and if you're in a store and stands by the records can you take a look at Big Bang for me and check how much it cost and check out if they have any posters? ;D