20 December 2009

Ikea, Lolita and Homemaking!

So, yesterday we went out to Ikea out in.. Chiba? (I don't know, CLOSE TO DISNEYLAND, atleast!). Me, Martin, Malin and Ylva, we were supposed to be 5 more though, but, the others fell out for different reasons.
However we did get a mail about three hours into the IKEA visit from the three guys that were coming, and they told us "are you still there? We're almost in Yokohama!". I believe we scared our fairshare of japanese people there, because Malin read it out loud and then we all paused for a second, to burst into uncontrollable laughter. Jeez. Chiba and Yokohama is in different directions, completly.

The reason for going to Ikea was to buy swedish food, for christmas! We did however also take a stroll through the usual IKEA, and of course, took the chance to eat some swedish food in the restaurant!
We mostly bought candles though. Scented candles, that smelled of christmas!

I also took this day to wear Lolita for the first time, in public, that is. T'was nice except that I kept worrying about my white cape..


"Outfit rundown"
Cape, Dress, Necklace: Metamorphose
Bag: Shirley Temple
Earmuffs: Swimmers
The rest: randomzzz

Swedish meatballs!
We all pretty much cried over this.
It was.. heavenly.

(Click to enlarge the picture)
What's hiding in the christmastree?!?!


  1. Oh Ikea! ;D

    Men god vad fint du har klätt upp dig!*W*
    Jag fattar att du var rädd att dirta ner den vita capen! Jag blir alltid så paranoid när jag har vitt på mig! O:

    Hörde du någon japan som försökte uttala de svenska möbelnamnen?

  2. HAHA åsm XD jag snor bilden hehe!
    och tack för körven också :D

  3. HAHAHAHHAHA xD Ylva's in the treeeee :o

  4. Zara: Tack! Som tur var blev den inte smutsig iaf XDD

    Ylva: Nemas problemas! You sneaky tree hugger!

    Madde: Thaanksss, I miss uuussds.d.s.ds.d!!!! >___<