23 December 2009

Shinjuku I went to.

So, yesterday was our schools christmas parties!
I just went to mine to get attendance, and to lol at my favorite teacher Oki-Sensei, who was wearing a felt-hat complete with black afro. I love that man.

Quickly got to Shin-Okubo school instead, we're Martin is going, to attend theirs.
We were supposed to sing swedish christmassongs, but, no.
Christmasparty was made of epic fail btw.

So me, Martin and Ylva went to Shinjuku! Getting some last christmaspresents bought, and stuff!
Eating mosburger and... purikura!

Yes baby, yes!
Seriously creepy machine,
Me and Ylva, rocking it out.
Everyone I hang out with have dark clothing-styles!
Makes for interesting Puri, atleast!

Today, it's the day before christmas, so Ima gonna throw some dirty stuff in the washing machine, get myself ready and run for Ikebukuro, to do some of the LAST christmasshopping!
And if Martin wakes up, I'll meet up with him and buy a christmas tree! Yay!

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