13 December 2009


Haven't updated here in a while.
Lot of stuff going on, and next week we have a supertest in school,
that decides if we get to move up a level or have to redo the one we've done now..
To make up for it, small photopost!
The path into a tempel in Shinjuku.
Nice and all, much yellow.

Okisensei(left) & Roberto(right)
Last week was Roberto's last day..
Roberto really made school alot of fun,
and everyone was really sad that he was leaving.
He had a wicked awesome goodbye-gift to Okisensei, though!
During these 3 months we've all been joking alot about
Robertos love for Kabukicho, and Umeshu,
so as a goodbye-gift, he gave Okisensei Umeshu!
Okibrand Umeshu!
He had photoshopped a picture of Okisensei from the schooltrip,
and photoshopped in Santossan from the schoolbooks.
Ah, Roberto will be deeply missed.

The swedes(including me) at my school decided to take over the
Tree decorating, since the Japanese staff proved to be FAIL.
They tried to put the star on first!
I do think we did a great job with it, though.

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