29 June 2010

Absolutely Necessary

I probably have the most awesome wallpaper in the world.
For those yet unknowing, it's Robert Carlyle, actor.
Played everything from Zombie to Hitler and everything in between.
Did I mention he's from Scotland?

Serious Business-mode

(My hair is icky, but seriously, it's 30degrees and humid.
You get out of the shower and you feel like butter within 5 seconds)

Transformed into serious business. Hair in a knot and glasses!

In other news, finally done with this times tests. Had essay and conversation yesterday, and today I had JLPT3 Listening, Reading, kanji, etc. Feeling kind of good about it!

Aaaannnd, thursday and friday are OFF! Yeah!

Summer Sales are going strong, but I have no money to spend there..
Hopefully I'll be able to go to Kouenji and perhaps spend some money there, haha.

27 June 2010


So! Yesterday we celebrated swedish Midsummer!
Good day, all in all!
Allthough, I passed out, another of my friends passed out(in a bush! Damn japanese people.), Ylva lost one of her rings yet again, and it rained. But good times it was!

A sidenote: Do never invite Japanese people to "I have never"-games. They don't seem to know the boundaries for it. Thanks to the japs that participated, I have some pretty terrible images in my head that will never go away. Huh.

I did bring my camera, but, of course I managed to forget taking any pictures, damn. I had charged the thing and everything! Oh well, another time. Gonna try get better on taking pictures in general, kinda dull just seeing purikura here, no?

But here are some more puri, just in case you aren't!

24 June 2010

Heaven in the valley!

My absolute most favorite scent in the whole world is Lily of the Valley.
Always wanted a perfume that smelled like it, but it's kinda hard to get.
I mean there's a lot of perfumes with some kind of note of it, but it's hardly ever the dominant note, on it's own, and I don't want that mysk, grass, rose or stuff, I just want the Lily!
Today while walking around Seibu in Ikebukuro, I found a Lily of the Valley perfumecreme! Just 840yen and it smells exactly like the real deal!
I'm currently trying to get the scent all over me, haha.

This Saturday me and a bunch of swedes and other nationalities are going to celebrate the swedish Midsommar(Midsummer) in Yoyogi Koen!
Need to get my hands on some Absolut Vodka, just for the swedishness.

22 June 2010

Dream within a dream

So, my dream for a plenty years have been to move to Japan. Live here, feeling the groove.
When that dream was fulfilled, I quickly realized that I needed another dream within my dream to be able to stay here, since I needed something to do, something to work for.
I could just take a shitty job somewhere and be able to stay, but that feels kinda pointless, no?

But today it came to me! I want to go to University! It's something I've never actually been thinking of doing before, just maybe for the grades, but not felt passionate about, until today.
Found out there's a campus/uni called Hachiouji, about an hour away from Tokyo, and.. well, it was just perfect. My dream(apart from being a robot-scientist) is to work with design, and Hachiouji just have like.. 98329482 different types of design fields to choose from.
I'll be working my ass off from now on to be able to go there.

I mean. Just look at it.

21 June 2010


This is why I go to Akiba.


Soooo! Stuff is going on lately!
Got a new computer! This time a Sony Vaio, since I've actually heard good things about it, and it's NOT pink, it's white, since after the pink LG computer (pink and not recommended) that kept breaking I decided to well.. Go for quality.
It's a japanese computer, and it's windows 7 so I am currently relearning how to use a computer, haha.
The keyboard is so messed up, but atleast a friend managed to fix swedish and english writing... possibility on it for me. (Hey, I'm blonde.)

So, everything will speed up a bit here I think. I hope!

Ah, picture of me wearing the circlelenses btw:

16 June 2010

New blingbling turtle from F21!

15 June 2010


Went to Shibuya for the first time in ageees, and things have chaaangeed!
The Mcdonalds at Sentagaai is now by some reason transformed into a McCafe, with a no smoking sign.
What is that madness about?
The youngsters there showed what they thought about it by smoking and putting the fire out on the tables.. Hard times..

Bought some random things while there too, amongst others a T-Shirt from uniqlo by Agynes Dyne x Emily Dyne(?)

Crazy big eyes.


14 June 2010

My computer is still broken, so I`m thinking about making small entries by mail from now on.

I got a (genuine!!!)zippo lighter this saturday!
Due to this, my smoking has gone through the roof, haha
Its so cute <3

10 June 2010

Too much going on!
Sorry that im inactive.

heres a puri from a zombie party i attended!

05 June 2010

Disney Sea was utterly amazing!
I curse their serious lack of Mariechan goods, though...

01 June 2010

So my laptop has fallen in a coma again.
Seriously, never by a computor just on looks! Bought mine since it was pink, and it`s been unusable for more time than it`s been usable!

But in other news, bought a new ring! I`m awazed by it`s awesomeness.