27 July 2011

Yet another wifi hunt

So alas, today again we went out in search for a wifi café. This time we had luck! Sakura café in West Ikebukuro doesn't only have super cheap coffee, but they also have a pavement café with a smoking area, it's connected to a hotel(Sakura hotel, I've heard it's good for its pricerange).

Anyway, todays outfit!
Decided to do my best impression of The Leaning Tower of Pisa today.
Everything but the cardigan(g.u) and the boots(random) are from Shimamura, haha.

The Mighty Decider app by The Mighty Boosh, probably the biggest selling point for getting an iPhone/iPad.

Gonna try and get better at posting outfit pictures(and learning to pose), and also figuring out what size to have the pictures in... Oh well, please bear with me until I get a hang of posing/resizing pictures!

26 July 2011

Coffee and Wifi

My roomie bought an iPad yesterday, and since we don't have a wireless router we went to a coffeeshop in the neighbour hood to mooch free wifi.
After seeing an iPad in all it's shiny glory I really want one myself! But I'd have a hard time to justify it to myself, maybe if I traveled more..

The outfit for the occassion

Spent the time taking pictures while the roomie pillaged the app store.

25 July 2011

Shimamura, you beast.

Went to Takadanobaba today with my friend Malin, for Shimamura and the freshly opened Donki.
I finally got my hands om some collartops! (although the navy one is from a shop in Nakano, and is a dress), a nice airy chiffon skirt(with dots! and pleats! and width!) and the best of all, a flowerprint bag. Been eyeing these kinds of bags for quite a while now, and also wanted a bigger bag. I found one at Shimamura, where it hung high over my reach. Fortunatly Malin is taller than me and she managed to knock it down, along with some dust. How long had it been there?

Over at Donki I found the Diamond nose shadow-set that was released a couple of months ago, seriously, it's been sold out everywhere since! I've looked high and low for it, but finally I found it. Hopefully this long wait is gonna be worth it! 

If you want to see the pieces one by one, check out my pupe!

23 July 2011

Jishuban Club Instore event - KGF

I once again went with my roomie to an instore event.. I often go with him to sign events to make sure he gets two copies signed, haha .
Anyway, today was Kyokutou Girlfriends last event, ever. They're having their last live this Friday, so..

 Super long! Seriously, 4 hours! But it was fun, and awkward.

During about a minute you could take as many pics you had the time for.

21 July 2011

New stuff!

Finally, some new glasses! My old one broke some days ago, so I promptly went to buy new ones.
A friend recommended Zoff, and I will too recommend it. Cheap(mine were 5250 incl. everything!), and super fast, 40 minutes after choosing I got my glasses, and easy, just write down your name and telephone number. 


I know they're huge, but thanks to that I think they go greatly with any style. Hipster/vintage, fashionista, gyaru, even grandma-style, a style I rocked when going to the konbini this morning.

Also, as you might notice, my hair is a bit lighter. Not what I was aiming for, but well, I'll roll with it.

Oh and lastly. Went to Shibuya yesterday(first time in ages!) with my roomie Martin, decided to go buy H&M for purely patriotic reasons, and stumbled upon 100yen sales stuff! No idea why I bought the red tights, but hey, 100yen!

Discovered 2 months ago that I'm sensitive against nickel. Thankfully, H&M's jewelry are all nickel free!

12 July 2011

Mitaka day

I went to the Ghibli museum today, can't really say anything about that. It was fun though, but I'm not really a ghibli fan(gasp! Blasphemy!) so that whole "omg I'm in a Miyazaki movie!"-trance didn't really grab me, haha. If you like Ghibli however, I'd recommend it!
Afterwards we stumbled around Inokashira Kouen for a while, and ended up in Kichiouji, it was the first time I was there, and there I'd really like to go back!

Anyway, pictures from the day. Photography is prohibited inside the museum but it's allowed on the roof, where the Laputa robot is, so that's pretty much what I have.

Inokashira Kouen pond

Reminds me of the barns where my mum lives.

Suddenly, Kichiouji!

09 July 2011

Latest shoes!

I realized I hadn't showed off the shoes I've bought lately. (I could probably get away with having a reoccuring thing on this blog "This Weeks Shoes" or something, haha).
I was photographing stuff for my pupe , and realized that I had two pair of shoes that hadn't got any recognizion, apart from in some outfit pics.

These are from H&M, but I got them off swedish ebay!
They're soo comfortable, but so bad quality.

Ballerina shoes I bought in Korea. I usually don't use this kind of shoe,
but they were so pretty and I really needed comfortable shoes, haha.

08 July 2011

Milky Bunny - Bunny Days

Uh, so the PV for Tsubasas vocalist debut is out..

I don't know if it's something wonky with sound/picture, or is her lipsyncing incredibly off?
Anyways, just listened to it once yet, and it didn't really stick. Kinda feels like I'm waiting for the refrain but it doesn't come, haha. Oh well, maybe it changes after a few listens?

What do you guys think?

Thursday night

Went with some people to Oretachi no Toririn, it's another branch in the "ore"-network(remember my old hangout place Orenchi Koi in Takadanobaba?). As with the other location, the feel and staff in the place was awesome. Spent a few hours there being confused over that the names of the cocktails was changed around, and played cards(I became president!).

12 aces!

04 July 2011

Picture Monday!

My roomies friends came to Japan yesterday, so these two days we've been going around in Ikebukuro with them. Too tired to think, so here's pictures!
The ducklings in Mejiro Garden have grown big!

Mouyan Curry, best curry in Tokyo!

01 July 2011

Half-day in Shinjuku

Went to Shinjuku today in the attempt to find my dream necklace over at F21(which I did!).
Rainy day, but it was still nice being out a bit!

Outfit, kitties and shopping below :

Kitties in Shinjuku!   

!! Time&Place Robot! Clock & navigator!