12 July 2011

Mitaka day

I went to the Ghibli museum today, can't really say anything about that. It was fun though, but I'm not really a ghibli fan(gasp! Blasphemy!) so that whole "omg I'm in a Miyazaki movie!"-trance didn't really grab me, haha. If you like Ghibli however, I'd recommend it!
Afterwards we stumbled around Inokashira Kouen for a while, and ended up in Kichiouji, it was the first time I was there, and there I'd really like to go back!

Anyway, pictures from the day. Photography is prohibited inside the museum but it's allowed on the roof, where the Laputa robot is, so that's pretty much what I have.

Inokashira Kouen pond

Reminds me of the barns where my mum lives.

Suddenly, Kichiouji!

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