27 July 2011

Yet another wifi hunt

So alas, today again we went out in search for a wifi café. This time we had luck! Sakura café in West Ikebukuro doesn't only have super cheap coffee, but they also have a pavement café with a smoking area, it's connected to a hotel(Sakura hotel, I've heard it's good for its pricerange).

Anyway, todays outfit!
Decided to do my best impression of The Leaning Tower of Pisa today.
Everything but the cardigan(g.u) and the boots(random) are from Shimamura, haha.

The Mighty Decider app by The Mighty Boosh, probably the biggest selling point for getting an iPhone/iPad.

Gonna try and get better at posting outfit pictures(and learning to pose), and also figuring out what size to have the pictures in... Oh well, please bear with me until I get a hang of posing/resizing pictures!


  1. Åh älskar verkligen din röda topp! Men blir det inte väldigt varmt med strumpbyxor och cardigan mitt sommaren??

  2. Ja, jo, lite kanske, fast både strumpbyxorna och koftan är väldigt luftiga och gjorda i något slags UV-skydds tyg, så det här himla najs att ha när solen lyser som värst! Jag blir knallfräknig i solen, så jag jag prioriterar UV-skydd framför svalka, haha.