24 December 2009

Super tired..
this christmas has been so much win!
Thank you martin, malin, Ylva, andsabrina and her boyfriend who came for a while.

I feel like a spoiled little girl.
Got so much presents, amazing demo tapes, angelic pretty, liz lisa, and a ridicoulose big marie(srsly Like over a meter in length)

sleep. Pictures and report tomorrow.
Now, trying to fit two christmasfoodfilled adults, a huge marie, and an equally huge shark in a 90cm bed!

23 December 2009

Shinjuku I went to.

So, yesterday was our schools christmas parties!
I just went to mine to get attendance, and to lol at my favorite teacher Oki-Sensei, who was wearing a felt-hat complete with black afro. I love that man.

Quickly got to Shin-Okubo school instead, we're Martin is going, to attend theirs.
We were supposed to sing swedish christmassongs, but, no.
Christmasparty was made of epic fail btw.

So me, Martin and Ylva went to Shinjuku! Getting some last christmaspresents bought, and stuff!
Eating mosburger and... purikura!

Yes baby, yes!
Seriously creepy machine,
Me and Ylva, rocking it out.
Everyone I hang out with have dark clothing-styles!
Makes for interesting Puri, atleast!

Today, it's the day before christmas, so Ima gonna throw some dirty stuff in the washing machine, get myself ready and run for Ikebukuro, to do some of the LAST christmasshopping!
And if Martin wakes up, I'll meet up with him and buy a christmas tree! Yay!

20 December 2009

Ikea, Lolita and Homemaking!

So, yesterday we went out to Ikea out in.. Chiba? (I don't know, CLOSE TO DISNEYLAND, atleast!). Me, Martin, Malin and Ylva, we were supposed to be 5 more though, but, the others fell out for different reasons.
However we did get a mail about three hours into the IKEA visit from the three guys that were coming, and they told us "are you still there? We're almost in Yokohama!". I believe we scared our fairshare of japanese people there, because Malin read it out loud and then we all paused for a second, to burst into uncontrollable laughter. Jeez. Chiba and Yokohama is in different directions, completly.

The reason for going to Ikea was to buy swedish food, for christmas! We did however also take a stroll through the usual IKEA, and of course, took the chance to eat some swedish food in the restaurant!
We mostly bought candles though. Scented candles, that smelled of christmas!

I also took this day to wear Lolita for the first time, in public, that is. T'was nice except that I kept worrying about my white cape..


"Outfit rundown"
Cape, Dress, Necklace: Metamorphose
Bag: Shirley Temple
Earmuffs: Swimmers
The rest: randomzzz

Swedish meatballs!
We all pretty much cried over this.
It was.. heavenly.

(Click to enlarge the picture)
What's hiding in the christmastree?!?!

17 December 2009


Found Chai Latte and Strawberry Latte at a supermarket in Shin-Okubo today!
The Chai isn't at all like the one in Sweden though.. Kinda sad, but it was still drinkable.
The Strawberry latte though!
Omg, Mouth-Orgasm!

Wickedly cheap, wickedly awesome.

14 December 2009

This is the greatest toy of all time. A small capsule toy, that...Works! It has small capsules in it!

13 December 2009


Haven't updated here in a while.
Lot of stuff going on, and next week we have a supertest in school,
that decides if we get to move up a level or have to redo the one we've done now..
To make up for it, small photopost!
The path into a tempel in Shinjuku.
Nice and all, much yellow.

Okisensei(left) & Roberto(right)
Last week was Roberto's last day..
Roberto really made school alot of fun,
and everyone was really sad that he was leaving.
He had a wicked awesome goodbye-gift to Okisensei, though!
During these 3 months we've all been joking alot about
Robertos love for Kabukicho, and Umeshu,
so as a goodbye-gift, he gave Okisensei Umeshu!
Okibrand Umeshu!
He had photoshopped a picture of Okisensei from the schooltrip,
and photoshopped in Santossan from the schoolbooks.
Ah, Roberto will be deeply missed.

The swedes(including me) at my school decided to take over the
Tree decorating, since the Japanese staff proved to be FAIL.
They tried to put the star on first!
I do think we did a great job with it, though.

03 December 2009

Rain, rain, rain..

Day started with me meeting up Josephine in Takadanobaba before school.
I've been sick for two days this week, so she offered to help me catch up with what we were doing~~
Even though the smoking room at Café New Yorker got crowded with 20-ish boys who were really noisy, I learned!

Were supposed to attend a free concert tonight, Sweet Madonna's oneman at Ikebukuro Cyber, but since my shoes decided that taking in whater like a broken ship was a very nice idea to do on the rainiest day in a while, I skipped it.

Bought some makeup, though! Brilliant!

I bought an EdT from Canmake! I've been eyeing and smelling this one for a while, and finally decided to go for it! It's.. awesome.. Sugar berries..

And some Majolica Majorca Powder! I've been desperate for new one,
and the container for this was so cute ;o;
Due to a misunderstanding I ended up buying this + a refill,
Since I didn't understand that it came with powder inside..


Details details details