10 October 2009

Brandwhore, GO!

Ahaha, I'm in seventh heaven! I finally have my own Valentines High knitted cap!

I love it to pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces pieces!

Also, I finally had my fancy nails I bought the other week~

Allthough, about 4 hours after this photo was taken, one had fell off, one just mysteriously disappeared, and one was burned.

I bought circlelenses today too.. I'll show them off like.. Tomorrow?
I'm not rocking anything right now, so XD

07 October 2009


Japan is turning me into some kind of monster..
Or well, I guess it's in a good way.
All the things I crave are quite expensive. The stuff I buy too.

In sweden, for example, I won't spend more than perhaps.. 300sek on a pair of shoes,
but here, when I just needed some new sneakers, I bought a pair for a bit more than double that..
They were totally worth it, though! Pretty sneakers!

Sweetie, Takeshita-doori

I'm so in love with this bag from Kitson! I'm going to buy it next time I get money, haha..
I desperatly need a new bag, too. My MILK bag is kinda.. sad. I don't want to actually destroy it, so I think I need to change it for a new one. The kitson one.

I'm coming down with a cold or something right now, I keep coughing..
And tomorrow there's a typhoon coming! Insane! I've never experienced one before!

05 October 2009


I'm in Japan!
Sorry for no updates, but.. there's been alot.
We have an apartment now, in Mejiro (right by the Yamanote line).
I'm living with Martin temporarily, though..

It's been a great week so far,
yesterday I went to a Zip.er instore at Like an Edison, and got their autographs!
Today, we're going to a free live at Ikebukuro cyber, just because it's so close ( and free)..