07 October 2009


Japan is turning me into some kind of monster..
Or well, I guess it's in a good way.
All the things I crave are quite expensive. The stuff I buy too.

In sweden, for example, I won't spend more than perhaps.. 300sek on a pair of shoes,
but here, when I just needed some new sneakers, I bought a pair for a bit more than double that..
They were totally worth it, though! Pretty sneakers!

Sweetie, Takeshita-doori

I'm so in love with this bag from Kitson! I'm going to buy it next time I get money, haha..
I desperatly need a new bag, too. My MILK bag is kinda.. sad. I don't want to actually destroy it, so I think I need to change it for a new one. The kitson one.

I'm coming down with a cold or something right now, I keep coughing..
And tomorrow there's a typhoon coming! Insane! I've never experienced one before!

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