27 June 2012

Dying trends on sale

Summersale have started around the world, and the first to go was the pastels!
Spring is always the season to aquire pastel clothing, but this year it was booming so hard, you saw it everywhere! But as all trends, it's dying and in fashion that means it goes on clearance, haha. So I snatched some things up!

I've been gawking the varsity jacket and skirt for so long, and now they finally got on 50% clearance!
Cute tops, something I really lack. I like that they're sleeveless! I always wear a cardigan, and tops without sleeves means I won't boil during the summer!
Not a sales find, but look at the colors of the stones! It's a barrette, and I guess it's part of my "spice up the hair"-project.
Varsity Jacket and skirt: Gina Tricot - Flower Top: Cubus - Mint top: Lindex - Barrette: H&M

24 June 2012

Recent snaps

Uh, long time no update! I got a cluster of different personal problems, ranging from disappointments to medical emergencies(nothing too serious), so I've been on bed rest / just not really up to anything lately. I'm still feeling rather shitty, and I just caught a cold to top it off, haha. Why do bad things always come in clusters?

In the meantime here are some snaps from the last two weeks. I hope I'll be back on the horse soon.

My mother came down to care for me, and I got this bag as a get well present! And for Midsummer I tried to gussy up.
For entertainment I've read lula and crocheted roses.
Snap from my desk, and my best friend Gerard! //dork

10 June 2012

Galaxy nails and outfit

My computer started working again! Woo! I'm running it without the battery though, but nevermind, it works! And I even accidentally stepped on it just a couple of minutes ago, and it works! What? What kind of sorcery is this?

I have lots of things to post, mainly buys(all shops are walking distance!), but some other things too!
I'm kind of in a crunch right now though, I desperatly need to get to the shops before they close! I had forgotten how cold swedish summer is, so I need to go see if they have any cardigans from winter that they're trying to get rid of for super cheap haha~

But anyway, here's what I wore the other day when I went out for some retail therapy with my friend. I tried to make that nekomimi hair that's been showing up everywhere recently. And, I cut bangs! I had a really tough day, and well, somehow I always end up cutting bangs.
Dress: H&M Cardigan: Cubus
And I've slowly gotten back into doing nail things. I tried out galaxy nails , which was surprisingly easy! It's my first try though, so of course they aren't "Omg it's like GALAXIES. ON YO NAILS!!", but with some practise, maybe?

Oh, and as you may or may not have noticed, I added a little instagram widget to the right! If you feel like following it, please do :D I abuse it a little too much though, but there's lots of kitty pictures and trinkets.

07 June 2012

Things of lately

Been quiet! But then again, I moved, and I have to get to know the people I live with now, right? Nah, just kidding, the guy helped me get sims3 working on my computer and I've really unsocial haha.

Right now my computer is in a pan filled with rice, cats woke me up this morning by tipping my glass over.. Eh, yeah, let's hope it'll turn on later. It was mainly the battery that got water on it, so..

Anyway, last weekend we went to karaoke + a stand up comedy festival! Surprisingly fun! Here's a few phone pictures!
(updating from my phone, but if my laptop works I'll be back shortly with pictures of recent buys and stuff)