27 June 2012

Dying trends on sale

Summersale have started around the world, and the first to go was the pastels!
Spring is always the season to aquire pastel clothing, but this year it was booming so hard, you saw it everywhere! But as all trends, it's dying and in fashion that means it goes on clearance, haha. So I snatched some things up!

I've been gawking the varsity jacket and skirt for so long, and now they finally got on 50% clearance!
Cute tops, something I really lack. I like that they're sleeveless! I always wear a cardigan, and tops without sleeves means I won't boil during the summer!
Not a sales find, but look at the colors of the stones! It's a barrette, and I guess it's part of my "spice up the hair"-project.
Varsity Jacket and skirt: Gina Tricot - Flower Top: Cubus - Mint top: Lindex - Barrette: H&M

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