11 July 2012

Recent outfits

Been quiet over here, but then again, I haven't really been doing anything but resting.
Up north right now though, because of a family reunion last saturday, and a wedding the day after tomorrow!
Family reunion was kinda meh, mainly because I don't know anyone of my relatives, except the closest ones(grandma, uncle, cousin).. I did get to meet my second cousin though, who I hadn't seen since we were 8.

Anyway! I haven't been doing much, but I do have some outfits to post!

My new buffalos! I found the on a swedish auction site and I can't believe nobody else bid on them! I got them for a whopping 100sek + shipping, which is AWESOME considering that plain black ones usually end up around 500sek! Woop woop! 

I was just going to the grocery store but thought "Hey, I haven't been outside for days, let's get dressed properly".

 Aaaand here I was actually going outout.
We went to some bar/thing that had a karaoke stage. I didn't sing myself, but it was fun watching other people do it, haha


  1. You are really pretty, though your legs seem a little thin in the third pic. Are you still on losing weight project? :)

  2. Thank you! Oh, I assure you it's all the magic of angles and high heels haha, but yes, I am still indeed trying to loose weight! Although recently I've just maintained, I don't believe in dieting when you're sick! :)