28 July 2012

Kent concert!

Kent ("Swedens biggest rockband") is playing in Uppsala, and thanks to a sudden turn of events I can go! The tickets were really expensive so I didn't even bother, and planned to just sit outside and listen, since the concert is taking place outside Uppsala Castle.
But! Yesterday my faux Grandpa called, and told me he had put me on the list for Uppsala Castle employee + family! So I get to go, for free! But then again, I did work there for two weeks(as Warden of the Castle) when I was 14, so I guess it's all as it should be.

Anyway! Super excited!
(Never heard of Kent? Listen here, here and here(English))

 Outfit and "facelook"(is that a real expression? Swedish bloggers use it all the time but I think it sounds a bit off.). I'm back to wearing falsies again! And I have no idea why I chose to wear my rattiest tackiest harley davidson t-shirt with holes all over it from being old, but oh well! 

And on an unrelated note, here's my new sunnies! Found them in Gothenburg in some kind of 100yen-ish danish shop!

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