14 July 2012

Wedding bells

So, yesterday was the second reason why I visited mom, some friends to the family got married! I don't do well in these kind of social situations, but it was rather nice, and I borrowed my cousins DSLR to take some photos for the bride and groom, thus taking on the roll as "photographer" rather than guest, and got to be left quite alone(because people hate cameras haha).
But I don't mean to sound negative, I was really happy to be invited, and we got delicious food and it was really wonderful seeing them beam together.

What I wore for the occassion! Quite blurry but I was in kind of a hurry.
/Rhyme master

 Wedding cake! Woop woop, there were five of them, ranging from big to small. 
They looked better than they tasted, haha.

Out of respect I don't wanna publish any face pictures, but man, look at the brides hair
Fo reals! I don't care much for strange bridal updos(they tend to look rather tight), so thiis, thiis, so much thiis. I'm so jealous of her hair it's unbelievable! It's all her own hair, too! 
Disregard my excellent editing skillz.
One of the most beautiful bouquets I've seen to date!
The groom kept joking about how he had to insert the diamonds in the leeks when he planted them four years ago, and patiently wait for them to bloom. All without his wifes knowledge! Haha

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  1. Nice pictures :) And the bouquet is really beautiful ^^